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Yes.  It is time for an education overhaul! All my kids are grown, but I’m still interested in the overall community and how to advance the ideals of education; full, and truthful education; education that includes the histories of ALL people living in America.  I like the thought of public education, but, I’m becoming more and more a fan of Khan Academy, and programs like it too.  Mainly because of the what ifs.  You know, things like:

  • What if nothing changes to help those who are disadvantaged in the regular school system and learning environments?
  • What if kids get expelled for perceived “behavioral reasons”?
  • What if another disaster or pandemic happens?

The teaching must go on! We can’t disrupt learning every time something happens!

This is why I favor any technology or program that will allow kids and people to continue to learn.  I checked out a few pages on the Khan Academy site and found them to be very informative.  This is not an endorsement for the academy, nor this article a collaboration, but I pinned a tweet the other day about how awesome public education should be, and it encouraged me to follow up with this article.

My solution: Keep national guideline as to what topics and subjects should be learned in grades K -12, but be increasingly progressive as to how the grades and levels of learning are achieved. Let a combination of  self-paced learning, classroom, or home-based learning be the norm instead of the exception.  As long as the training is completed, and exams or tests passed, the method of attainment should matter. 🤷🏽‍♂️  So… Those are my thoughts.  What are yours?


This is a link to the Khan Academy page for information about applying to college.

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