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In my opinion, since both the Democratic Party and Republican Party included many conservatives who were against civil liberties of all people; they both technically are Republican, and neither represent the people as they should.

I am going to lay this out in its simplest terms because this is how it was revealed to me.  Politics have always been relative to money and power.  But at some point, back in the day, the Republicans, the party of Lincoln, got involved with fighting to end slavery.  Eventually, those in the Democratic party who were fervent in their efforts to deny people their earned rights, took over the Republican party; leaving the Democratic party as a weaker version of the Republican party (because they all didn’t leave). 

The Democrats talked a good game, but very seldom followed through with promises made to the people unless there were other forces in power, usually those considered to be Democratic Socialist, who forced them to move and commit to what they had promised.  (Things like Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid are mostly democratic socialist ideas with a free market component that allows the greed of the capitalism take root.)

I believe we are at another juncture; another fork in the road.  The two major parties are so close in their politic that we once again need a paradigm shift.  And, we need to correct this once and for all to shift the balance of power back to the people.  I believe that Progressives need to be elected to make that rebalancing work.  They won’t be holding to business backers,  they’ll have the fortitude and skill to follow-through on what they were sent to do, and hopefully, they would have the mindset that they are there to represent the poor and working people.  Some consider progressives to be socialists. But what does that word really mean? 

A socialist is a person who advocates or practices socialism.  Generally speaking, socialism is a populist economic and political system based on public ownership.  We are in America.  That’s not what we do, nor what most people are talking about doing at the moment.  Alibi, personally, I do think that commodities should be owned and controlled by “the people”.  Why? Because we are the ones who end up bailing out the banks, utility companies, airlines, railways and others when things go bad.  So, if the general public have to be the ones who bail them out, then they should have at least part ownership.  But, I digress.  I’m interested in hearing what you all think about electing more Progressives!  Like. Share. Reply. And, subscribe.

Note:  The following link is a solid discussion:  Difference between a Socialist and Democratic Socialist : John Haltiwanger| 11 Feb 2020 |


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