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Image: MilitaryLogos from a government site.

Now it’s time to talk about all the “Programs” that are supposed to be helping #Veterans. I think the government can make better use of funding if they just cut checks directly to veterans. Everybody wants to “Thank” Veterans for their service, but few actually provide good assistance.

And why are veterans disjointed from the military, for the most part, once they separate or retire?  The same energy should go into supporting Veterans directly by the military when they leave, as you had to get us to join.  Everybody sees the “big picture”.  So, you should lead by example.  Start and finish strong.  I think I read somewhere that Veterans make up less than 10% of the total population. Less than 10%!!!  And you mean to tell me the nation can’t afford to support each and every one?  That’s weak.  Even if the veteran only served 1 day, in Regular, Reserves, National Guard, Coast Guard, whatever… they served; and should at least be entitled to some basic benefit like being able to see doctors and a decent place to live. And for those who served longer, and/or have retired, they deserve the same type of after service treatment Congress gets, some type of check and benefits immediately after the service ends. No questions, no bullshit tooling around; no ducking the issue.  Military people are highly trained –but in a different way, so everyone doesn’t “translate” into civilian life.  They still have hopes, dreams, and a desire to be successful.  Give them the resources to accomplish that.  They’ll continue to add much to the fabric of America.

At the very least, give them access to the same things they had during the years of service.  I know the military is familiar with the word Barracks.  So, build some for veterans!!  Stop being cheap and lazy!!! @BernieSanders @Potus @VP and @ [at] anybody else who it concerns, get it right with veterans, and you’ll see other things start to fall in place.