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Robocalls must stop!!!  Letting companies make pre-recorded automated calls is one of the worst things that has ever happened in this nation.  That, along with the misleading Medicare/Medicaid commercials on tv.

I thought the Klobuchar and Crapo Bill was going to help H.R. 3375 (Stopping Bad Robocalls Act).  But the calls keep coming!

If those calls are going to be made, there should be real representatives on the other end to hear the fury of disturbed people trying to rest and relax but can’t after receiving continued multiple calls even after they’ve requested them to stop.

Why do the calls keep coming?  I’m glad the questioned is asked… probably because someone is stuffing the pockets of elected officials!  I should not have to bear the burden of receiving annoying calls on a phone that I own.  I have a solution.  Make businesses pay a nickel (yes 5 cents) to every number they call.  At least people would be compensated a little for their troubles.  What do you think? 🙂

Let your choice be made known below: Thumbs Up= Get rid of robocalls | Thumbs Down: Keep ’em

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