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I think the Republican lead SCOTUS (Supreme Court of the United States) is now party to the business of killing Black people–IF nothing changes with policing.  Their decision concerning New York gun laws has made it more of a problem for people of color to stand their ground against police, who either misuse or misinterpret their authority, like White-Americans do.  (Because as we have seen in videos, they rarely get shot)

I didn’t think their jobs were to manipulate the laws of this land.  It looks like they  have done that on several occasions.  So–I guess there is no more settled law.

Police are already claiming they fear for their lives when African-Americans breathe wrong or turn to walk away from a situation escalated by the police.  Now, with this new ruling by the Supreme Court about concealed weapons, I believe the police can use any excuse to shoot Black folk.  So, why don’t they, the Supreme Court, do something useful like rule on the protection that police have that’s not even written law?

We have got to start getting it right in America.  Since decisions are being made like they are, people of color AND THEIR ALLIES have to stop demonstrating and start “demonstrating.”   Start showing that you too can vote; and that you understand the laws and how they are currently being applied.  Then, start electing Progressives in government office to advance legislation that can work and is equally applied for everyone!

Next, LIMIT the terms of Judges on the Supreme Court; and make simpler to impeach them when they clearly are not serving the good of the people.

I don’t have a problem with guns, I served in the military.  But, I do have a problem with how this country operates and the prejudices shown towards people of color.  For the majority of Americans being immigrants to this country, they are sure assholes towards other immigrants trying to do the same thing they did… (come to America).

I don’t know all the solutions.  But, I think a good start would be to reduce the amount of Conservatives and Republicans holding office by voting them out.  Replace them with Progressives–someone with backbone who will speak for the people and go about the business of working on their behalf through government.  Will they get everything right?

Hell no.  They will not.  But, they will try. And they need to be given a chance–like the Republicans AND Democrats have had for 50 plus years, but have still managed to make a mess of things.  We have got to do better.  Stop playing by their rules.  VOTE OUT EVERY REPUBLICAN AND CONSERVATIVE IN SITE, and start new with Progressives.  Republicans will do fine in the free market as lobbyists.  I’m sure of it. We need people in government who respect the positions they hold and all of the people in America, and those who wish to come here.

Okay, I’m done. Let’s hear what you think.

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