I was looking up information on WebMD recently about the different types of water.  Certain types of equipment mention using distilled water specifically.  I was surprised at the information I found and thought it would be interesting to share.  Summarily it stated that:

Distilled Water

It’s steam from boiling water that has been cooled and returned to the liquid state.  Salt, minerals and other organic materials have been removed from the boiling process.

Tap Water

This is water that comes straight from the faucet.  It may usually have been disinfected with chlorine and sediments removed.

Filtered Water

Filtered water is tap water that has been strained through filters to remove chlorine and other bacteria based on targeted chemicals.

Purified Water

This is water that is free of microbes and chemicals through the process of reverse osmosis.  This is achieved by forcing water through a membrane to get rid of chemicals, minerals and microbes.  Other methods of purifying water is described in the WebMD article.

Spring Water

Though not specifically discussed in the initial article that the other types of water were mentioned in, Spring Water should definitely be mentioned in this conversation.  Spring Water is also known as Mineral Water…although mineral water can also be made artificially by adding salts and other items back to distilled water.  This water comes from natural springs where moving underground water is used without processing.



WebMD Information about Water

WebMD about Spring Water

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    • Hi Darlene,
      Thanks for your comment. I briefly looked into the Jackson, Mississippi water issue. Apparently, they lost water pressure when the area flooded which caused a failure in the system. A few days ago (around September 4th) the water pressure was restored and the city is on its way to recovery. But, people had been sending bottled water and filtration straws (among other things) to help out. This link to a CNN news story about the Water Crisis explains it further. Personally I still believe that a better infrastructure nationwide will help states and cities with these types of issues in the future.

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