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Let’s talk about emails.   Today, to start the new year off right, I had the bright idea of tackling my emails more vigorously.  Mind you, during down time over the holidays, I had already fought my way through 7,000 of the 20k sum I had just sitting in my Inbox(es); but now, I wanted to strategically go through them to see what I might have missed or could salvage.  (Just don’t ask and stop wondering why I had that many emails. Thanks)

Anyway, I started noticing a pattern that some of my fellow businesses need to stop doing.  STOP. USING. THE. NO-REPY. UNMONITORED. EMAIL. ADDRESSES. YOU. ARE. USING.

I truly believe that if you are going to send someone an email, then at least give them the respect of being able to simply hit the “Reply” button to get back to you.  It is damn irritating to try to send you a counteroffer and not be able to because you are using some bogus email address… because I assume you don’t want to get emails in return or in reply of the one you sent.

Other businesses and people want to use that same energy to get at you like you got at them.  Let’s be more courteous to our peers and customers.  It’s giving the “no solicitation” vibe…when you are clearly solicitating.

…Did I mention I have 20,000 emails …in my inbox?

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