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I am curious.  After the holidays, major events, invites and memorable occasions, how do you say, “thank you”?  Do you send a note? Do you get a card? Or maybe, write an email, or just make a phone call to show gratitude and appreciation for favor that was expressed toward you.

I saw an article written in 2011 on GoLocalProv that talked about saying “thank you” and was surprised to see that it mentioned a poll that found half of those surveyed did not say “thank you” at all!  It also mentioned that some professionals in business say it to gain a competitive edge or advantage (which I found interesting), but I personally say “thank you” because I am genuinely appreciative and grateful.

But I also must admit not hearing a return “Thank you” is somewhat of a peeve…lol.   I’m from the south and southern hospitality is not required but somewhat expected.  We speak to everybody, wave at on coming cars (on two-single lane and secondary roads); and usually say thanks, when something is delivered upon request.   I remember the first time an older family member asked me go get something, and I did, but felt a little weird after doing so.  After a while, it dawned on me, they didn’t say “THANK YOU”!  I laugh now, but just know that we had discussions concerning it. 😏

I’ve found that I’m not a note writer, nor am I big on cards.  But I will write an email, send a text, or make a call as soon as possible if not directly at the time.  For me, it lets the person know that I received what they’ve sent, or what they did and that I am appreciative of it.

So, if by the slim chance you might be reading this and didn’t hear me say, “Thank you” for something that you did for me, I’m saying it now …. THANK YOU!   And please know that the omission was not intentional.   Happy New Year and may it be filled with blessings and joy!

Oh, P.S. … Do you say, “Thank you”?

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