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Ok, I said I was adding even more segments to my site; 😁 so to start off the ‘Music I Like’ segment, I’m going with LaRussell.  He’s the founder of Good Compenny, an independent label out of California.  I often listen to a variety of music, and I’m gonna probably hit all genres, but this guy I think is one of my top 10 rappers (if I had a top 10).  His style for me, talks about life from a ever day guy’s perspective.

This song I’m featuring, GT Coupe, is definitely a life story. I understand it as a story of a business man who decided to quit his job and invest in himself.  And even though he suffered losses, the way he handled the situations, gave hope and inspiration even when the chips were down.

Just a reminder to keep pressing, and believe in yourself.

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GT Coupe by LaRussell:   [Music Advisory: Adult Music]  👀


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