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I had the opportunity to speak with author and entrepreneur, DeVeria Flowers, a few days ago.  We talked about a possible space on my listing, and she began to tell me about her unique line of coloring books she has on her website:

So, sidebar…secretly, I like to color. Yes, my grown-self, Daniel Speller, likes to sit and partake in a good session of coloring with pencils every now and then. For me, it helps bring a peace and relaxation while mulling over certain issues… but that’s another story.

DeVeria explained that she adds affirmations to her products to help them stand out.  Her line of products span from kid-friendly books to coloring books for adults.  From her own experience, she said the books helped her find balance and helped her take mental escapes–to recharge her mind and spirit.

image of DeVeria Flowers holding her coloring book

DeVeria Flowers |

She is an accountant by profession, working with non-profit and political organizations.  And, from time to time those coloring pages helped her relax, and she wanted others to hopefully have the same or similar experiences she did.  I think she did a great job with her products and wish her much success!

Again, you can visit her website at and see all the products she has to offer.  If your company is big on retreats and team-building, you might want to talk with her to find out what she can offer (instead of the usual company lanyards and pens every company I’ve ever worked with offers at their events).  Who knows, she may be able to help with something memorable that will be cherished for years.  DeVeria and should definitely be added to your contact list. Check out her site today!

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