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Microsoft, why is Bing trying so hard to be in the way? Why don’t you revive Cortana and update your old 640 Microsoft phone projects? Finish things you have already started. You doing too much.image of microsoft lumia 640 phone

Yes, Microsoft is a staple in American society and has done several things well.  But at the moment, Bing isn’t one of them.  And, you just left Cortana out there hanging by herself.  I kind of liked her honestly and think she and Google-Lady-voice should get along.  Not to mention what you did to the Microsoft Lumia 640 original phone.

I still break it out every now and then… to this day!!  It has a decent camera and with a software update I still believe it would give iPhone a run for its money.  Yet, you keep piling up good ideas in the corner–half done, while forcing trash on the public.  Why?

Why can’t you slow down and work on getting a few things very-right?  One company does not need to be in everything.  That’s called a monopoly, and we don’t do those ’round here.

So please… put Lumia back in the game–with an update.  Let Cortana continue to speak for it. And, if you must, ADD BING THERE!  Right there on the 640 Lumia.  Just think, you’ll be the first company to have an AI with a last name… Cortana Bing.  Hire me, I got a lot of other great ideas. 😁 Let’s make this happen!

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