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Who remembers the flyers from years ago?  You would come out of a store and magically there would be flyers or little cards on your windshield.  I would always wonder how did I not see the person who put it there.  They had to be lurking somewhere nearby because it all happened so fast.

It would normally be an ad or a coupon about a party, event, or special offer–just for you!

Fast forward to today.  Those flyers have mostly moved online, but the idea is still the same.  We have that kind of space on my blog,, that is available for you!  It’s an online listing, and as I blog about different topics, visitors can take a look at your business, service, or deal that you are offering.

You should go and check it out! We can work with you to create the perfect message for you and your business or offer. or .  Same location, several ways to get there.

Thanks for the visit! Fill in the form toward the bottom of page to join my site. Contribute if you would--and tell others so they can visit too! 🤙🏾

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