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Regardless of if you have a home office or work place facility, don’t forget to clean your fan!  I was picking up a bit around my work area/home office room and started to sweat.  I’d just returned from the outside and thought, “it wasn’t that hot out there”.

I know that heat is trapped inside of a building, but still, it was warmer than usual.  I was going to reach over to turn on the fan, but noticed that it was already on.  Dusty, but on.  It wasn’t properly moving and circulating the air. But, let me tell  you something. Taking 5 minutes to take the fan apart to clean the plastic blades and frame guard made a world of difference!

There was such an increase of airflow, and you could feel the room cool down almost immediately–and it wasn’t even on high.

Sometimes we forget to service the tools we use in our professions.  This post was merely talking about the difference cleaning a fan made.  I was relaxed, refreshed and ready to write something.  Just think if we took it a step further.

Imagine the potential boost and motivation you might have after cleaning off your desk, computer or if you are a handyman, your workshop or tools.  Regularly checking the condition of your equipment can also help your bottom line.  Keeping equipment clear of dust and debris helps keep computers, printers and other office equipment from overheating and malfunctioning.  So, consider this–add a maintenance day to your calendar to spiff things up a bit.  In the military, we had what they called area beautification days. I guess somewhat equivalent to spring cleaning.  Inside and out, it would be like an office reset.

It may take a little time from your normal operations, but in the long run, could add hours to your overall productivity.  Just a thought.  Stay cool, work easy.

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