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image of feet up sitting on the beachSome days are meant for gathering. Many of you know this already. You may not call it that–or even realize that is what you are doing. But for me, gathering days are crucial. I used to think I was being lazy or wasting time, but in actuality I was allowing me to get in contact with my surroundings, recharging my idea pool and just letting things go.

It reminded me of when some folk fall asleep in church –then “explain” they were either meditating or resting their eyes. lol… But, it’s true. You need times like that and you should not feel guilty about having them.  Listening to music, talking to a friend, meditating—they all count; as do many other activities or no activity at all.

Whenever you get to read this—I hope you decide to live your best life!  Amen.


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