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Juneteenth is being celebrated more, which I think is a great thing.  Juneteenth is officially on June 19th.  However, Windsor [NC],  has a couple of events coming up on June 17th which I have listed on the community calendar.  Juneteenth is an annual commemoration of the end of slavery at the end of the Civil War.

I was doing some research and saw an interesting presentation that the Smithsonian Institution has on line at the National Museum of African American History and Culture. It’s called The Historical Legacy of Juneteenth.  It’s a short read, but the Digital Tool Kit at the bottom of the landing page has additional resources, including this Video called Connecting the Historic to the Now.

Personally, I encourage you to use all the tools to learn all you can.  With everything happening in the public square, we need find ways to continue to grow as a people and network with each other and our allies.  For me, it’s not a matter of black vs. white.  But as others have realized–good vs. evil.

Having the ability to be seen as a humans, with equal rights and freedoms to move about and discover is where we need to get back to.  WE were here long before slavery in the USofA. WE are all over the world, in every country–in every culture.

Be safe and enjoy the celebration!

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