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This post is somewhat of a training and review post about the WordPress and JetPack apps.

So, there was a storm brewing outside (while I’m praying that it goes away), and while waiting for it to pass over, I thought I’d just try different tools to create content. 

My desire is to travel–soon.  And, travel a lot.  I am curious about which tools I can use to keep content going.  As they say, if you stay ready, you won’t have to get ready.

This post was done using my bluetooth keyboard and my Samsung tablet using the WordPress Android app.  So far, it hasn’t skipped a beat.  Although, my fingers keep reaching for the finger pad and mouse, lol, but other than that, we rolling.

Switch up. I actually just switched from the “WordPress” app to the “JetPack” app– mid article. Apparently, Jetpack is taking over the responsibilities that the WordPress app was doing and so, Jetpack it is. It was actually a smooth transition too. I basically downloaded the Jetpack app; it noticed that I had WordPress and asked / informed me that it located my sites and was going to transfer over my settings; then recommended that I delete the WordPress app. Smooth. It was a fabulous handoff. Shoutout to WordPress.

Many of you may already be using apps to do work, because many apps are very robust; however, for those of you who are not–this may be an excellent time to start training. It will free you up.

For this post, I used:

  • my Samsung tablet
  • a mini bluetooth keyboard
  • the JetPack / WordPress app(s)
  • and the internet


  • You may have to save often. I had written a large portion of this article before realizing that it wasn’t saving on line. When I did saive, it took a while.
  • For some reason, it get’s glitchy. So it’s not totally a replacement of the laptop, but it could save you in a pinch.
  • It’s pissing me off at this point, so I’m ending the article. LOL!… see ya’ll the next time.


Switch back. Note: I probably could have written this on my phone as well, but I was testing the laptop mimic with the keyboard and tablet. It passed….but…. it’s not getting an “A”–at all.


And also …after further review, I decided to just log in from the browser. The lag is worse, but I have full access to the site. So I guess if you are in a hurry, this is not the way.



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