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Job seekers, beware of people trying to gather information concerning you! Mostly, nowadays, I work as an independent blogger, writer, consultant–what have you.  But I still apply for jobs from time to time. And it seems like some of the job listings are nothing more than information gathering schemes

I get that employers want to know a little bit about you; but if you are uploading a resume–or filling out a sampler profile sheet (and you shouldn’t have to do both) then that should be enough!

In my opinion, asking for the place of birth, birth date and the like, is a bit intrusive.  That information has nothing to do with your ability to do the work requested.  Also, if you are sent to a page where there are “ads” amongst the application questions— is a bad sign that it might not be a real job.

Finally, I personally question companies that want you to send in a free sample of your writings or work.  If they can’t follow the link you’ve provided to your portfolio or website to see your work (so that you can at least get a site visit click for your time); –then you have to answer the question if those are people you really want to work for.

If you believe that you are being scammed, most job boards and job sites have a way to report that job so that it can be removed.  Hopefully they have something in place to catch most of the bad listings– but they might not be able to get them all. Happy Hunting!

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