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NASA image of a ring of fire eclipse

I got this email from about a “Ring of Fire” Eclipse that is supposed to occur on Saturday, October 14, 2023.  I think the source for the story may have originated from a NASA article about the same.  The “ring of fire” occurs when the moon appears smaller than the sun in such a way that causes the light from the sun to appear as a fiery ring in the sky.

Eye protection is definitely recommended if you are planning to try to view the event.  Visiting the provided links above will give you more information about times and locations of when it starts.  Remember, Safety First!

…Now, Part Two.   As I was writing this post, to share the bit of news about the eclipse, I could not help but think about the eclipse phenomena as it occurs in life and business.  Sometimes something comes along that tries to block your glow or shine.

I encourage you to not give up or fade away. Keep doing what it is you do.  Learn a new skill, put forth additional effort. You are still valuable! Pay attention to what you are doing in your lane; and you will continue to shine through. ✊🏾

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