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In my opinion, to explore is part of human nature.  Some people like to do it a little, others like to do it a lot.  Today, I’m here to encourage you to not be discouraged if you can’t do it as often as you like. As a matter of fact, I would argue that actually going to a location is only part of the journey.  Start the trip by seeing it in your mind’s eye first.

Take some time to learn about destinations right from where you are. Use resources like your cellphone, computers, books, and even people that you might know who have been where you want to go or might be native to where you want to travel. That will help build  upon the overall experience and prepare you for what you might encounter when you get there.

I currently live in a rural area, but I’ve traveled some in the past.  And some of the things I learned from the military when preparing to change duty stations is to learn about the place you are going to.  That has endured as such a lesson to me that I often look up places I intend to visit even now!  I often go to YouTube and pull up live webcams for Florida, Hawaii, the Caribbean, Puerto Rico, Africa, or even New York or D.C. just to put my mind in position of being there.

Years ago, I shared a post that just had a list of different webcams around the world. I share that link again today.  And I encourage you to continue to explore–right where you are and prepare for the journey!

Happy travels and safe journeys!

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