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This is the first post I’m making of miNews Updates There is a lot going on in the world, and instead of always making a separate blog post of each and every thing I’d like to mention; I thought I could create a post with segments that interested me. I’ve reconfigured the overall blog some and have categorized things differently.

The Lantern page will now, include both local or general news topics, and more detailed searches can be done by using tags.  Sometimes they’ll have links to other posts sometimes not.  It’ll all work out though because it’s all about making you aware! ✊🏾

Our Community Calendar: On my website,, I usually insert events on the Community Calendar.  It may be a local event, or some other event I found useful.  If you’d like to include an event that you have, use the form located on the events page and submit!  Or if you already have the event on the Facebook or other social media/calendar, tell us where we can get the information and we’ll try to insert the even information using the links provided.

2024 Election:  The 2024 Presidential Election is on November 5, 2024; but prior to that date there will be primaries held in several states.  This update is to let you know about a site called  It has a calendar that tells you about when primaries will be held by parties of each state along with other information on the site’s primary page.  It’s a very informative map to add to your other election information.

5K Run & 1 Mile Walk in Windsor, NC. The event will be held in Windsor, NC on 28 October 2023.  It is supposed to start at 9:00 a.m., on S. York Street, Windsor.  For other events, be sure to visit our Calendar on the website!

Bundle Up Bertie Clothing Drive.  The Bertie Business Network is in the midst of its annual clothing drive!  The drive is going on from 1 October – 25 November, 2023.  The drive is primarily for supporting school-aged kids, but I believe other items might also be accepted. If you have donations or questions you can reach out to them on their Facebook page or website.  They have several convenient drop sites around the county and if you want to participate, contact them today!

Well, that’s it for today’s update.  I just wanted to start the process and get a post out.  I’m looking forward to working with the community to get out more information. Would you like to try your hand at writing? Let’s talk about it!  And, don’t forget to like, share and subscribe!

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