After WordPress Blogging, It’s Tumblr for the Win

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I was sitting here, strategizing about my next move on how to move next on social media, and thought about #Tumblr.  And after looking over all the platforms I currently use, I think people have be sleeping on the Tumblr platform and app.  I’m not sure how things like Pinterest, TikTok, Instagram and the like all became the go-to apps… some of them, you can’t even add links to enhance your content!

Maybe Twitter, was the hotness in its heyday; but with the addition of going live, Tumblr has all the tools necessary to take your online presence to another level.  It’s basically a miniaturized blog site that you can post everything from posts to videos.

I think some people were at one point complaining about the liberalness and artistic posts with splashes of nudity…. But if you learn how to work your account, you can block those things out that you don’t want to see or display. It has several different view displays, depending on how you use the app, and can be quite interesting to explore.   As with other platforms, you can both use the phone application or use it on your pc/computer.

I frankly like and enjoy the openness of the platform and the control you as an individual you have to control what you see in your stream.  I’m glad I circled back to it and plan to perhaps make it more of a prominent tool used in my social media tool box.  My Tumblr stream is  …go check it out.  Shout-out to Tumblr.

Federal Black History Month Site

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I was researching for Black History facts recently and ran across this site called  It’s a site sponsored by the federal government and has quite a few links to different resources.

The site is primarily for February, the official Black History Month, but since I’m doing Black History Month, all year, you can follow the link above to visit the site anytime.  They have amazing resources under the “Exhibits and Collections” menu link and the other videos and audio selections are very interesting too.

Black History Month… All Year

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Due to haters and deniers crying so loudly, I have come to believe that black history should be celebrated all year.  So, whenever I find something interesting and something I want to share, I’m going to put it either here, in the Black History section or definitely on one of the other platforms I also share on the site.

I was on Twitter the other day and saw something interesting that Congressman Jamaal Bowman said on the steps near the capital.  It was liberating and refreshing to hear someone say what I as an American was thinking, and he said it loud and clear! But, for a point of correction, it is also know that many black people are Natives to this land.  But, that’s another post for another time. 🙂

Shout out to @therealtabithaspeaks on TikTok … Let’s listen…

Relay for Life – Windsor, NC

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Relay for Life Event

When:  Fri, May 19, 6:00pm – 6:50pm
Where:  Bertie High School, 716 US-13, Windsor, NC 27983, USA (map)



Fri, May 19

Bertie High School
716 US-13, Windsor, NC

Join Relay For Life in the world’s largest fundraising event against cancer. Sign up for Relay For Life event now.  Read more on The American Cancer Society

Jean P Coley – Isagenix

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