Public Hearing… My first post for The Bertie Lantern 2021

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I have had my site and a page dedicated to Bertie County information up for a while… just hadn’t  had the energy to search for content or decide how to post it.  So, finally, I decided to just do it.

I found this information about a  Public Hearing on the Bertie County FY 2021-2022 Budget on a site and decided to make this my first post.    See the excerpt below.  The hearing is scheduled for Monday, June 14, 2021 a 6:00 p.m.

Windsor/Bertie County Chamber of Commerce Post

Budgets are pretty important to a community, and  so are board meetings.  AS MUCH AS I CAN, I’ll start updating this page to reflect events, meetings, etc.  If you’d like to help, then send your information to me via a site message or Facebook.  I think this could be a great thing!

Why It’s Important to Vote

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People sometimes think that their votes really don’t make a difference.  They see the “system” as being crooked and unfair.  The rich get richer–while the poor continue to suffer.

Though that seems to be the outcome a great percentage of the time; your vote DOES matter, and most definitely counts.  You can look at progress made over the years and see how voting for issues and demanding change carries the day.  Even though sometimes, it can be a long, hard and slow process.

This is the first of several articles where we will discuss the reasons why voting is important and processes you can employ to make change in your community and local government.  Then, reflect those same changes in your state and federal government.

But first, let’s think locally.  Are Read More

My Hometown Got Flooded Out

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Bertie Lantern:Shining Light on the Truth

Down Town Windsor

I recently got a call from family members in Windsor, NC  (my hometown) and was told it was flooded out.  Speculation is that since the rivers/streams had not been cleared of debris, there was no other place for the water to go…  Read more of the reported story here: 

Picture by: ‘The Bertie County Peanuts’ – [From Facebook page]!/photo.php?pid=4831356&id=279582689875&ref=fbx_album 

I will be telling more about this event as I find out more.