After WordPress Blogging, It’s Tumblr for the Win

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I was sitting here, strategizing about my next move on how to move next on social media, and thought about #Tumblr.  And after looking over all the platforms I currently use, I think people have be sleeping on the Tumblr platform and app.  I’m not sure how things like Pinterest, TikTok, Instagram and the like all became the go-to apps… some of them, you can’t even add links to enhance your content!

Maybe Twitter, was the hotness in its heyday; but with the addition of going live, Tumblr has all the tools necessary to take your online presence to another level.  It’s basically a miniaturized blog site that you can post everything from posts to videos.

I think some people were at one point complaining about the liberalness and artistic posts with splashes of nudity…. But if you learn how to work your account, you can block those things out that you don’t want to see or display. It has several different view displays, depending on how you use the app, and can be quite interesting to explore.   As with other platforms, you can both use the phone application or use it on your pc/computer.

I frankly like and enjoy the openness of the platform and the control you as an individual you have to control what you see in your stream.  I’m glad I circled back to it and plan to perhaps make it more of a prominent tool used in my social media tool box.  My Tumblr stream is  …go check it out.  Shout-out to Tumblr.

DHSpeller Support Services Super Ad

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Business card for Daniel Speller

Super AdVirtual AssistantAs Needed Support

This is a sample of what I call, ‘A Super Ad’…

If you don’t have a website, but need internet presence, this may be a good alternative for you!Starting at only $35/mo!  I can help you by creating a space that highlights you and your product, and maintain it as I maintain my site!  It will be limited to 3 sections for the ad, but we can discuss other options if more space is needed! (I’ve used this space to list some of the services I offer while demonstrating possibilities of a super ad.)

Need virtual administrative support? Someone to blog, write or tweet to help promote you?.. I can help with that!

Do you need virtual administrative support? Someone to blog, write or tweet to help promote you… I can help with that!  I help individuals, organizations and businesses with their efforts of getting noticed by using social media.

I can also help with event planning, project management and office management projects.

*New!  I now offer support services on an As Need basis!  Writing, Blogging, Typing, Virtual Admin Support and Social Media management.  Prices start at $20/hourly with $60 deposit.  Please contact me today to find out how we can work together towards accomplishing your goals!

Alibi. Of course, with limited space, it won’t be a full blown website, but we can make sure details about you or your services are known and seen!

Just think of all the possiblities!

This would be great for restaurants, contractors, handy-people. To display your:

  • Menus
  • Fees
  • Short List of Services

Contact us today to get started!

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How do you say, “Thank You”?

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I am curious.  After the holidays, major events, invites and memorable occasions, how do you say, “thank you”?  Do you send a note? Do you get a card? Or maybe, write an email, or just make a phone call to show gratitude and appreciation for favor that was expressed toward you.

I saw an article written in 2011 on GoLocalProv that talked about saying “thank you” and was surprised to see that it mentioned a poll that found half of those surveyed did not say “thank you” at all!  It also mentioned that some professionals in business say it to Read More

Emails: Let’s Talk About Them

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Let’s talk about emails.   Today, to start the new year off right, I had the bright idea of tackling my emails more vigorously.  Mind you, during down time over the holidays, I had already fought my way through 7,000 of the 20k sum I had just sitting in my Inbox(es); but now, I Read More

Some Who Benefit from Strikes will Never Get It

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I applaud the teachers and other public workers who strike.  I think we all should.  Breaks, time off, vacations, sick days were all negotiated into the work experience by people who took a stand.

If employers actually provided things for employees that were reasonable requests, then maybe unions and strikes would not be necessary.  But, until that day of overall cum-by-yah actually comes, then we can expect disruptions ever so often.

Profit may be the bottom line in a capitalist-based society.  But, huge, unfettered profits and grift should not be the norm, nor accepted in any form.   I think we, as people and ordinary workers, have to learn more about business so that if we get tired of working for someone else, then another form of earning should be in place.  Co-ops are a great place to start exploring!  Read about and let’s start a conversation.


Resources:  Google Search on Co-ops