There is something Wrong with How Government Deals with Veterans

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Image: MilitaryLogos from a government site.

Now it’s time to talk about all the “Programs” that are supposed to be helping #Veterans. I think the government can make better use of funding if they just cut checks directly to veterans. Everybody wants to “Thank” Veterans for their service, but few actually provide good assistance.

And why are veterans disjointed from the military, for the most part, once they separate or retire?  The same energy should go into supporting Veterans directly by the military when they leave, as you had to get us to join.  Everybody sees the “big picture”.  So, you should lead by example.  Read More

Why It’s Important to Vote

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People sometimes think that their votes really don’t make a difference.  They see the “system” as being crooked and unfair.  The rich get richer–while the poor continue to suffer.

Though that seems to be the outcome a great percentage of the time; your vote DOES matter, and most definitely counts.  You can look at progress made over the years and see how voting for issues and demanding change carries the day.  Even though sometimes, it can be a long, hard and slow process.

This is the first of several articles where we will discuss the reasons why voting is important and processes you can employ to make change in your community and local government.  Then, reflect those same changes in your state and federal government.

But first, let’s think locally.  Are Read More

Garden Center Veterans Appreciation

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Greetings from The Garden Center!


On February 18th, we will be hosting a Veterans Appreciation service at Hidden Valley Elementary School. The service will begin at 10:00 am.

We would like to invite all veterans and service members in the Hidden Valley Community to the appreciation service that day.  The Garden Center will Read More

Are you looking for fireworks near you?

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I write for other sites from time to time; and in researching one of my articles, I found a great link to search for fireworks this July 4th if you are looking for fireworks near you!

The link is here.  And, all you have to do is put in your zip!  If you want to read the article, you can see it here at!  Enjoy!

VA Video About Disability Rating

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Facebook: VA Benefits Series

Facebook: VA Benefits Series

As promised, we are finally getting out the information on our military community page!  This first video I thought was interesting because it explains the VA Rating.  A lot of great information is out there; and we hope to start bringing you more of it.

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