I was Commenting on LinkedIn About How to Handle Rejection, But I Ran Out of Space

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It’s hard to ‘not’ take rejection personal, particularly when you’ve put time and effort into the job, project or activity that involves others. So I had to make the acknowledgement that my time in that space was over; and that I needed to move on. I had to encourage myself and reinforce the facts that I still had value. Especially when people still call and ask for help or advice, or instructions about how to do something.

I think people have to pay close attention to everything going on around them so that they can pick up on small wins, even when it looks like everything is falling apart. That self-evaluation or internal review really helped me. A few of my Takeaways and suggestions:

  1. Consider a rejection an opportunity to review and reflect. You still have your skills, knowledge, and abilities– you just need to know how, where, when and with whom to use them.
  2.  From the reading of this post forward (from now on 😉) consider yourself as a business–and you are the CEO, even if you’re still an employee. I think it adds perspective and self-worth to any situation you encounter. Because, once you see yourself as CEO of you, you’ll only be making boss moves.
  3. From now on, don’t be afraid to ask for what you want and know that it’s okay to be satisfied with what makes you happy. Lots of money does not make everybody happy.  Yes, it makes a great down payment on it, and I frankly need more of it now… But people also need good health, a good environment to work, friends and family.

Having the courage to look at everything in totality will help you see rejection as a chance to fine tune and regroup to find opportunities that are win-win.  As the saying goes ‘everything ain’t for everybody’… you just have to find what’s right for you.  And find it, you will.

I’m Tired of Political Grifting

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image of cartoon lady with a question mark wondering about a political email she received

I’m tired of political grifting from Republicans.  But, I’m tired of it from Democrats too.  I get more and more emails from organizations supposedly concerned about issues I care about. And at the end of the email or survey, there’s always a “how’s about sending us $5 dollars” pitch.

🤔…How’s about elected officials do their damn jobs, and stop begging for money?  We elect them, pay them, and send them to Washington to vote to pass good legislature for the people–and yet what they seemingly do is fund raise.

If they actually focused on their jobs to write legislature to make things better for workers and regular people–they’d more than likely be re-elected!

Again, they get paid good–decent salaries, are afforded budgets for travel and have excellent health care… and yet, they are still begging for money.  Enough. Of. This. Bullshit.  I don’t know what the damn “political action groups” are for other than further grifting.  I thought that was why we voted. The citizenry has been patiently waiting for politicians to do the right things.  And I know they see the hammer coming down, cause a lot of them are trying to git while the gittin’s good.  But there are others who can’t resist the grifting until there’s nothing left.

I’m hoping 2024 will be the year the people decide it’s time to clean out all the grifters. Because you can’t have good government until you get good or at least decent people running it.  That’s why I’m encouraging everyone to vote wisely and for your interest.

Listen, the government is supposed to be by the people, of the people, and for the people.  I like progressives because through my years of growth and evolution, I’ve noticed they are the ones who at least try to speak for the people.  Like Bernie Sanders, Jamaal Bowman, and Cori Bush.   There are others, but the ones I mentioned are memorable to me for getting active.  And that’s what we need.

I caution voters against people like Krysten Sinema,  Joe Manchin, and Tricia Cotham…and ALL Republicans and conservatives.  You don’t want people who are going to sink or delay good legislature that will help people.  Sure, I believe there is a time and place for some moderation… like in reckless driving, public endangerment (drunk and disorderly conduct, brandishing and intimidating others with an assault rifle) or things like that, but in areas of personal choices –the government should have limitations.

The government should always look out for the interest of the people.   The corporate world will do fine without lacky politicians.  They did well even when the corporate tax rate was over 50%!  Lobbyists are there to do the bidding for corporations.  The elected officials are supposed to be there to represent the people.

So, getting back to the topic of political grifting, there shouldn’t be any–at all.  There should not be any organization sending out emails and text messages to old people asking them for money to keep Congress from cutting their Social Security or other Medicare benefits.  There shouldn’t be police auxiliary organizations calling up people asking for benevolent funds from people they don’t even want or intend to serve.

There shouldn’t be  Veteran support organizations calling asking for funds to “help Veterans” …when the VA SHOULD CLEARLY GET THEIR SHIT TOGETHER IN THE CLAIMS DEPARTMENT TO PROVIDE MONEY for injuries veterans say they have suffered from years of service. If anything the VA should have to prove that injuries were not service related instead of the Veteran having to prove that they were.

We pay taxes–in one way or another, for all of these things.  And if the money was actually used for what it was intended instead of slush funds and secret operations, then the country would be a much better place.

Stop grifting and scamming people.  It’s not a good look.  And it’s all slowly going to come crashing down.  There is nothing new under the sun–only lessons to be learned.

Growing Your Own Food Might be Worth the Time Investment

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Last year, I tried an experiment to see how hard it would be to grow my own plants and food.  I got some supplies from Amazon… (growing medium, jar cups, and rocks) and other supplies locally… (soil, pots, etc.).  It wasn’t as hard as I anticipated to start the project—but the effort came in being consistent and knowing what to do as the plants began to grow.  If you travel or are out of the house a lot, and won’t have anyone to look after the plants to water or care for them, you may want to have them outside, where they can work with nature to fend for themselves.

You don’t have to “watch” the plants as much as having to “monitor” them.  I chose not to initially plant anything directly in the ground because I wanted to see how hard it was to have a portable garden. Pots and planters are easy to move around and can either be grouped together or placed in certain areas according to the amount of sunlight needed.

Growing your own fruits and veggies can really be a confidence booster as well as help save on your food bill. I encourage you to explore this as a hobby and then maybe become a serious gardener.  Things are changing in the world and having additional survival skills is a game changer.

As you may know, I usually don’t go into depth on my posts, but I do try to provide links or resources for you to do your own follow up or research.  So, check the link below and happy planting!



Google Search on How to Grow Things


Bertie County’s Tall Glass of Water Project (TGOW)

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pic of water front
TGOW Project, Merry Hill NC #dhspeller

Have you visited the beach at the Bertie County’s Tall Glass of Water Project?  It started gaining steam back in 2019.  I’ve linked to the Bertie County page above.  It tells all about the project and I encourage you to go and read about it for yourself.  I got so interested in it, I took a quick trip out to take a look for myself. In my opinion, it looks like it could be a great start to a good thing.


However, I must mention a few things that you might need to be aware of.


Things that made me go…Hmmm

  1. The GPS is slightly off if you are using it to travel to the location.  And signage could be better.  I drove smooth past the entrance when I saw a little graveled road and the GPS said I had farther to go to get there. 
  2. The gravel road.  Big rocks. One and a quarter lane.  Which means you have to share the road going in and coming out. It wasn’t a difficult maneuver, but was still a little awkward.
  3. Parking.  There is a big grassy field where you park… much like some makeshift concert secondary parking; but it was doable. 
  4. The actual beach fronts.  Country is what country does. 😎  This actually reminded me more of a cove situation. In some places you had more space to put beach chairs and what not, but in all situations, the shore was narrow.  There were rusted engine blocks and tires—which made for good exploration and adventure, but Nags Head twin… it was not. 🙂☺


But, I can say that there were a good number of people out there having a great time, and more were coming in as I was leaving.  I think this will be a well-used beach/water access.  Congratulations to the project planners!  And I look forward to many more great things.  I took pictures!




Bertie County Website: Bertie County’s Tall Glass of Water Project

The 2022 Official Primary Election Results – Bertie

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woman holding a magnifying glass
Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

The 2022 Official Primary Election Results – Bertie are in!

Are you interested in learning about voting results for your primary local elections? You can see the results for your area by conducting a similar search as I did for the  Bertie County Results. There is a great deal of information available! And, don’t forget… Vote in the general election in November!!!

Remember, voting for those who are supportive of your concerns will help get resources, funding and assistance to you and your community. For too long, crooked politicians who are in the pockets of big business (in my opinion REPUBLICANS …and yes some Democrats), have been working against you and your interests. You want better roads and infrastructure? You have to vote for those who will work for you and not work against you in the service of corporations and other entities that are quick to say “government is bad“, but are the first in line to receive government contracts and other benefits. It’s time for a change. And you can influence those changes with your vote! I recommend voting for #Progressives in November 2022!



2022 Bertie County Primary Elections Results: https://er.ncsbe.gov/?election_dt=05/17/2022&county_id=8&office=ALL&contest=0