Thank you Udacity l OneTen and BIT

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A very cool thing happened to me on Monday. I graduated and received my Digital Marketing Nanodegree from Udacity. It all started when I was awarded a scholarship to attend the online program. I believe the scholarship was a joint venture between Udacity, OneTen, and BIT (Blacks In Technology).

It was a great experience for me because I was able to pick up new skills, and be exposed to new methods concerning marketing, that I was unaware of.  As you may know, I’m a blogger and I write content primarily because I enjoy it.  But, the new knowledge will help me manage and operate my site more efficiently.

The techniques and the Insight that I gained from the program will hopefully help me increase my social media reach so that I can in turn, help others with their awareness campaigns.

Some of the topics we covered, and projects worked on, were data analytics using Google Analytics, scheduling content for posting, creating user personas (to identify your intended audiences), and managing marketing campaigns from start to finish. We also worked on ad creation, and AB Testing. Some of these things I had heard of before, but most I have never used/implemented.  Now, I can put into practice my newly acquired skills and take my site to the next level.

So, shout out and  thank you Udacity and OneTen and BIT for the opportunity.  I appreciate the knowledge and it was time well spent.

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Consider a Mixed-Marketing Strategy for Your Organization

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A mixed marketing strategy might be just what you need for your organization. And, what do I mean by that? I mean diversifying your marketing dollars to included various forms of social media.  Some of which are very affordable.

Ads or posts on Facebook, Twitter (X), Instagram and the like are fine, however, they normally require you and your potential client or customer to have an account on those types of platforms for you to be seen.  Google ads are cool too and if you have the budget to sustain campaigns –that’s great.

I’d like to suggest that you also consider adding bloggers to your mix.  Many like me, at, have their own spaces on the internet and can use our platforms to help you get visibility for your organization, service or product very affordably.  Often other services can be added to the mix at a fraction of the cost.

Although bloggers, are not necessarily marketers or ad agencies, we are somewhat familiar with content creation, search engine optimization, and a consistent presence online with a growing audience.  We can assist by helping with supplemental marketing needs.  And, many won’t mind working with you by placing an ad on their site for you.

How does it work?

Normally, bloggers write content about topics they want to talk about.  They either let their reads and audience know about their content through subscriptions or by putting out excerpts on social media platforms they use.  Visitors come to their site to read about the topics they’ve written and get to see other content they have while on the site.

ad for 60 dollar yearly subscription

For instance, on my site, I have a whole directory dedicated just for that purpose.  For clients not familiar with the internet or social media, I offer assistance and even design their ad space to serve as a mini website to help them get their message out!

How are bloggers different?

In most cases, bloggers have more control over their website or blog.  In most cases anyone can just go to the site and see the content without having to have an account to log into as with Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Would you like to know more?   Let’s talk about getting something started today!

Working Together

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If we all worked together, something amazing could happen… probably.

I’ve taken the first steps in making my blog a community resource and a place where startups can can get reasonable and cost effective supplemental marketing.  Some businesses have difficulty deciding whether or not they need a website.  But everyone could use some type of online presence.

I’ve added a directory similar to those in online newspaper sites.  The idea is to provide a cost effective way for businesses to be seen and heard while providing a variety of topics for people to browse and read about.  The ad space offered is more than a 2-line ad you’d fine in the classifieds section and could be developed as a mini-site for your business if you have no site of your own!  And even if you did have a site, you could use this space as a platform to point readers back to your site.

We have the space set up so that you can add your own content and manage it yourself, but if you need help, we’re always available!  As the site adds more visitors then that means more visibility for you and your organization or services!  Our site is different than a listing you would get on a Chamber of Commerce site, and we’re designed to fit in your marketing strategy.

You can check the site out at  We’re designed to be both desktop and mobile friendly.

Patrick Braxton: Black Mayor in Alabama 2023

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Image from Website about Unseated black Mayor

Image: Capital B website photo

I ran across this story today about a black mayor name Patrick Braxton in Alabama who was blocked from being seated.  This story made me feel all the wrong things, and then I had questions.

  1. Where was the local, state and federal law enforcement?
  2. Where were the glorious civil rights leaders and attorneys?
  3. And why is it taking so long?

The election was in 2020 and it is now 2023, and this guy is still looking for a town to run.  This type of harassment and what appear to be election violations.

The story was an interesting read, but I have so many questions that still remain.


Story by: Aallyah Wright

June 29th 2023: Clarence Thomas Day

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clarence thomas, one of the unqualified supreme court justices - opinion.

Today, Clarence Thomas, and his buddies, decided to declare that Affirmative Action should essentially be no more.  It’s interesting that this decision should come at this time, but we as Black people will do what we have always done—grow and prosper.  It may take a little time to adjust, but not long.

As in all things now, time has considerably sped up and we are on a trajectory to overcome that cannot be stopped. Clarence Thomas, and his ilk, are but a cog in a wheel. And when cogs go bad, they are replaced.

I declare today Clarence Thomas Day because I want people to remember what NOT to be when you are in a position to do good for others.  Self-loathing, non-self-aware and a grifter, are all the traits he seems to display in his position as a “Supreme Court Justice” … or maybe he’s the supreme court jester, I can not tell. Let this day be a day that all remember and let it be said: He did all he could to keep his people down. May God wrestle with his soul.

Enough about Clarence. It’s time now for us start making decisions that benefit us as black Americans. Leave the parties, become independent and vote for those who hold your best interest at heart.