Co-Ops Should be a much Bigger Thing

Co-operatives (co-ops) should be way more of a thing than they are.  I think that when the government doesn’t want to do its job to step in and help the citizenry, an opportunity is afforded to ordinary people to Continue reading “Co-Ops Should be a much Bigger Thing”

If Laws Applied to Everyone Like They Have Applied to Trump So Far, No One Would Be In Jail

There seems to be something very wrong with our legal system.  Trump, and people like him, didn’t just suddenly appear on the earth.  For a very long time now, laws have been applied very differently depending on who you are.

If we have laws, and everyone is expected to follow them; and generally, any ordinary person should be able to understand them; then you should not have to be– nor need acquire a lawyer to reason how those laws will be applied.

Therefore, it is plain and simple bullshit what is and has been going on since this nation has been formed.  If one person Continue reading “If Laws Applied to Everyone Like They Have Applied to Trump So Far, No One Would Be In Jail”

Medicare4All is Not Anything Other Than That…

Medicare4All is just that, Medicare for all.  That is where we, as a people, need to be headed for.

It’s not the ‘Public Option’, or ‘Choice’ or any other fancy substitute.  And, the health care industry knows it too.   As a matter of fact, have you noticed how there are a lot of “benefits” that are all of a sudden being made available to you by some insurance companies at “no extra cost”.  And now there is something I heard called “Single Care”… What’s that all about?

In my opinion, the health care industry sees change coming and are trying to adjust to survive so that they can continue to make billions off of sick people.

There is no real substitute to be found in the private sector for Medicare4All because, in the private corporate sector, making a profit is job one.

Medicare4All is the solution for Continue reading “Medicare4All is Not Anything Other Than That…”

Why I Think Bernie Sanders Should Be President

So, I’ve seen posts and opinion pieces others have written on all things political.  Now, it’s my turn.  I have simple, straight forward reasons why I think Senator Bernie Sanders should be President of the United States.  Some of them are listed below. Continue reading “Why I Think Bernie Sanders Should Be President”

Taking it all in…

I’ve been sitting back watching everything.  Government, economy, media, police, politicians, people.  One thing is clear.  Things are not okay.  And, although things look very dark, right now; I personally believe things are going to change soon–for the better.

Not because of things the present people in the White House are doing; but, more despite what they are doing.  It is clear, the president and his followers want to take America back to an “Again” place in American history… which, many I believe most are not trying to revisit.

What we can do, and what we should do in America, right now—is Continue reading “Taking it all in…”