Co-Ops Should be a much Bigger Thing

Co-operatives (co-ops) should be way more of a thing than they are.  I think that when the government doesn’t want to do its job to step in and help the citizenry, an opportunity is afforded to ordinary people to Continue reading “Co-Ops Should be a much Bigger Thing”

The Green Party Platform is Still There; and They are Still on Mission

The main elections are over… still got that runoff in Georgia though…  Go Warnock!  I wanted to see what progressives were still out there on mission and on point since the excitement has calmed and the fog has cleared.

To my contentment, many were still out there.  Talking, blogging, writing, and informing people about issues and important topics that need to be addressed.  And there they were, The Green Party Folks, unbothered about election turnouts and; still Continue reading “The Green Party Platform is Still There; and They are Still on Mission”

It Felt Like I Just Freed Up Part of My Brain😳

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Happy Holidays!

I was just watching a  Netflix show called The Social Dilemma.  It was talking about how many of the platforms, including browsers and search engines are designed to manipulate our behavior.  I kinda knew that, but… it was one of those pieces of knowledge that you just stick in the back of the brain– for future use.😏

Anyway, I wanted to test that theory, so I cut off my phone.  I did not put it on vibrate.  I did not put it on silent.  I did not put it in airplane mode.  I cut it off. 😳 When I say that it felt like I freed up a portion of my brain, Continue reading “It Felt Like I Just Freed Up Part of My Brain😳”

I want to be associated with a Coolly Named Party like… ‘The Nomads’ or ‘The Gypsies’

There are Three Branches of Government. As a Progressive, I am perfectly happy to own the House and Senate.  #Legislature

So… I’ve been thinking… I don’t want to be associated with a corny ordinary named political party… I want something cool and edgy and so on point… a name like… The Nomads or The Gypsies.  Something that is so distinguished and peculiar that people are awed when you enter a room.  Down to earth, yet demanding respect.  I’d be like, “I know who I am; and I know who my people are… And we run this.”

I have often said I’m non-affiliated, yet, I do recognize the need for party affiliation for ballot access.  But I think a party named The Nomads or Gypsies would allow for my individualism.  It should be loosely structured with a centralized operational team to keep things in line.  Things like Continue reading “I want to be associated with a Coolly Named Party like… ‘The Nomads’ or ‘The Gypsies’”

Why Can’t We Be Non-Affiliate? Why Do We Even Need Parties?

I’m in my mid fifties.  I’ve tried both, Republican and Democrat parties and found them both useless for my intentions and purposes.  I love the Progressive movement and find the Green party to be very similar in mission, but, I’m not too sure I want to join a party.  I’m just not a big fan.

Why can’t we just agree on issues and support candidates who represent our goals and viewpoints? And, when election day comes, that person is the one we ride with.  That would so be the envy of the system!  It would be plain, simple and straight to the point.

I know… I know… Yes. It would be hard to organize without a formal organization being formed; but, on the flip side, let the candidate be the organizer of his campaign and Continue reading “Why Can’t We Be Non-Affiliate? Why Do We Even Need Parties?”