I think “Personalized Education” is going to be the new “School Model”

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With Covid still going on, it’s possible that there will be more home schooling, or distance learning.  I’ve spoken on this before; but I’ll talk about it again now.  I believe we really need to rethink how we educate in America.  In my opinion, designer, self-paced, personalized education is going to become the norm.

Acknowledging Reasons to Consider Personalized Education

I agree that there should be national standards. A basic, minimal core of topics should be taught and mastered.  But, the way that they are taught should be subjective. In my opinion, a few things need to be considered.

  • Some schools weren’t that great prior to Covid, in educating students.
  • People often learn in different ways.
  • People catch on to concepts and learning material at different speeds and sometimes it’s better in different settings or learning environments.

Possible Changes to Address Issues

Having said that, I think the ultimate role teachers and instructors will play is that of a coach or counselor to the learning experience.  And, perhaps the brick and mortar school buildings will ultimately serve as high end libraries or centers for socializing and gatherings instead of the main location for instruction. 

Welcome to the new school!  It will probably resemble what we now have, but void of actual classrooms.  They’ll become more like the after-school PTA meetings –where parents come in and talk with the teachers about certain things for a few moments before moving on to the next group discussion.

Schools could even become small museum type structures—housing various exhibits pertaining to the local area and consisting of knowledge rooms equipped with slide shows and automated briefings.


We have to realize that communicable diseases aren’t the only occurrences that can shut down or stop traditional learning.  Climate change can also play a disruptive role in hindering the learning experience.  So, it would seem best to keep working on improving the distance learning model now, rather wait until the next event to try to pick up where it was left off from the last .   

A personalized learning model could afford each student/learner the opportunity to create an environment which best suits them and their circumstances.

I saw this article from Educations.com and thought it was a good resource about Distance Learning.  5 Reasons Why Online Learning is the Future of Education.

What do you think?  Would it be advantageous to continue with distance learning?  What subjects would you think could be helpful in completing the curriculum to prepare learners for the future?


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Gloria Edmunds-Personal Development

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Dr. Gloria Edmunds is a motivational speaker, personal development coach, consultant and author who concentrate on the promotion and development of accepting responsibility for oneself from childhood throughout adulthood.


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Dr. Gloria Edmunds is a licensed psychologist with over thirty-five years of experience. Her educational background includes a Ph.D. from Pennsylvania State University in Clinical Psychology and master’s degrees in both psychology and education from Virginia State University. Additional information about Dr. Edmunds and her services can be obtained at her website at www.responsible4self.com.

Etiquette by Genea

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