I Am Enjoying These New Progressive Congress Folk

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These new progressive Congress people are the folk I’ve been waiting for; my people!  And, we need more of them.  Sitting back, taking it all in was never the way in my opinion.  Lest we forget, at some point in history, Republicans and Democrats were pretty much interchangeable.

In my opinion, Progressives and so called Democratic Socialists have always had the voice of the people at heart.  I encourage voters to start looking into the politics of these two types of representatives. They seem to be smart, forthright and communicate very clearly about their positions and where they stand.

Frankly it’s disappointing to think that for the past 70 years, we have not gotten any further than we have in economic security, justice or equity in these United States.  We need progressive action that will spring us forward into a new economy and a new way of life.

Keeping black folk down and immigrants out is not the way. And not acknowledging the past is not the way either. Change is coming–and ignoring it is not going to stop anything.

We are in the 21st Century.  There is a lot of work to do and a lot of corrective actions need to be taken.  We, the voting people of America have to effect and affect that change–for the good of all.

This is an exciting time. Let’s make it happen.

Politics: We Must Make Republicans And Democrats Minority Parties In Congress…

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In my opinion, since both the Democratic Party and Republican Party included many conservatives who were against civil liberties of all people; they both technically are Republican, and neither represent the people as they should.

I am going to lay this out in its simplest terms because this is how it was revealed to me.  Politics have always been relative to money and power.  But at some point, back in the day, the Republicans, the party of Lincoln, got involved with fighting to end slavery.  Eventually, those in the Democratic party who were fervent in their efforts to deny people their earned rights, took over the Republican party; leaving the Democratic party as a weaker version of the Republican party (because they all didn’t leave). 

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I Think Unions and Employment Agencies Should Have a Paradigm Shift

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Unions and employment agencies both serve a good purpose in the workforce.  Now, however, it seems like there is a void that is not being filled, and somebody needs to fill it.  Many workers have their resumes out there, but either the pay is too low, or in areas where workers aren’t currently located.

What if, unions, employment agencies and these workers networked and created viable co-ops?  With a slight change in operational procedures unions and employment agencies could help workers organize and raise the needed capital to form their own small companies.  They could also assist with management, training, and identifying needs to be addressed locally, nationally and globally. Thus, reviving communities all over America. 

When Medicare-For-All passes, and it will eventually pass, unions would need to change the services they offer, and this will be a great role for them and employment agencies to fulfill.  The could also provide co-ops with negotiation training so that they can compete for government contracts to provide goods and services across the nation.  Time to discuss — what do you think?

It Is Time For An Education Overhaul

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Yes.  It is time for an education overhaul! All my kids are grown, but I’m still interested in the overall community and how to advance the ideals of education; full, and truthful education; education that includes the histories of ALL people living in America.  I like the thought of public education, but, I’m becoming more and more a fan of Khan Academy, and programs like it too.  Mainly because of the what ifs.  You know, things like:

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This Is My Store

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This is my online store for tee-shirts and other designs! For a while, I’ve been considering what to do to help supplement/create income.  I’m in my fifties, a veteran, and since I was used to leading troops a certain way in the military, it’s difficult relating to many in the civilian work force. 🤷‍♂️  Anyway those are stories for another time.  Today I’m here to tell you about my store on Bonfire!

Since I’m a blogger/writer, I thought creating T-shirts would be a natural extension of what I do.  I know you might be thinking, “wow, another t-shirt guy”… But wait!!!  MY SHIRTS are different… (yeah, you’ve heard that before too.)  So, the only think I can ask and invite you to do is go to the store and check it out.  There’s only one shirt there now… so your visit will be short and sweet, but I invite you to keep coming back because more are on the way.  And keep visiting this blog site too!  Much appreciated.