Why is Flint Still Flint?

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flintwater4We’re going on a few years now talking about the water crisis in Flint, Michigan.  Mr. Rick Snyder is still Governor; the water is still a poison brown in color—and apparently still causing rashes (according to citizens) when used to bathe in.

I recently read an article by Lucy Tiven that talks about Governor Snyder blocking free water coming to Flint.  My questions are: Why is he still governor?  And Why is Flint still Flint?

In my opinion, this water situation should have been over, done and finished no more than a month after it was discovered to be a problem.  Flint should not still be known for the city with the disastrous water problem.  By now, it should have been Read More

South Carolina Owes North Carolina Land

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I saw this article in Pastemagazine.com titled, So Part of South Carolina’s About to Turn into North Carolina.   It was an interesting, and somewhat amusing article when I first read it.  I actually thought the article was a joke– until I read the background info.  Then I thought… are you kidding? [ Apparently not].  So now, according to the article, sum 660 square miles of land belong to North Carolina.

It’s amazing how something someone does or does not do affects an outcome so many years later.  I find it even more amazing that they had records of what went down in 1735.  1735 being the year.  It’s a short and interesting article. You should give it a read.  So Part of South Carolina’s About to Turn into North Carolina.

Plight of Davontae Sanford

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After seeing this story on NBCnews.com, it is my opinion that some people should not be in law enforcement nor the judicial system.  For a 14-year-old boy’s case to not be gone over and over and over and over again—before putting him in jail is really effed up.   Why were police interrogating a kid, let alone anybody else, without legal representation?  And what are those interrogators doing now?  Are they still working?  Do they still have a job?  I certainly hope not.   Lastly, what was the judge thinking?   Stories like this really, really, –really irritate me.  Davontae Sanford to be freed.

Political Posts…coming right up!

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My site tag is ‘politics’ for where I’ll have my extended political tweets and posts… and I’m using Blogger for now as well.  It’s where I can rant and rave and expand on my twitter musings– away from all of my ‘other’ stuff.  So stay tuned!  Some of the the writings might be short … some might be rather long… but all longer than 140 characters.  😉

This is where I can go long on my extended political thoughts should I so desire and I invite your thoughts and comments… Just put your grown folk pants on when you show up and let’s talk about the issues… Let’s begin.

Quick Post: Soladek Vitamin Solution

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Associated Press/MSNBC.  I was going through different sites to pick up on some news for the blog and play catch up.  I ran across this one article about the FDA warning against the use of a ‘vitamin solution’ called Soladek.  Apparently it contains high dosages of vitamins A and D.

I know people are beginning to exercise and eat healthier, but as the saying goes moderation is the key.

Symtoms of an overdose of vitamins A or D include fatigue, headache, anemia… read more here: => http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/42308160/ns/health-health_care/