Site Updates 15 March 2018:

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image of a personal quote: "More than not, change is good...but sometimes the more you change, the more things are the same" :)

Site Updates for March 15, 2018.  It’s a new year …(wooo-hooo)… and we are well into it… just thought I’d write a quick update post to let everyone who’s following us know that I’m slowly moving in the direction of moving more of my overall efforts here to the website. So, yes.  I’m going full circle and giving it another try to put Facebook posts, Twitter and all other platform posts here.  All other peripherals will primarily be used as tentacles to bring views back to visit me here ?

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About this space – Get Noticed!

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Get Noticed!

This is a chance to market your products and services!

This is your extra chance to get noticed!  I usually work on client sites. Now, I’m working on my own.  I guess I should reiterate that one of the main purposes of my site is to help promote others while blogging about everything!

Yes. You too can benefit from marketing on my site.  You’ll probably end up saving money because our prices are affordable.  And, because our audience is organic and our approach is fresh, your content will be exposed to our new visitors.  We have a community calendar, we write original ads, and we create a lot of our own promotional images.  Please be sure to check out the MarketPlace Directory!

I’m constantly going in to make updates, working to make the site better.  Join us now! It’s a great time to be a part of something awesome!  What do you have to do to join?  Just contact us by calling the number or sending an email expressing your interest to be listed on the directory (starting at only $50 a year!) and advertising on the site.

After you join, we manage your ad space and your content!  We have the ability to add coupons, video, artwork or other media you might like to include in your space.  We don’t think getting a web presence could be any easier!

Some of the Web Domains we use to bring in the web traffic:

Personal Brand:


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  • CommunityView.Net