Judges Are Quick To Show They Rule Their Courtsrooms… Until Trump

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judges desk with gavel and scales
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It is amazing to me how quick judges are to show that they will not allow any antics in their courtrooms.  They rule their courtrooms… until Trump showed up.  Now, everybody wants to coddle the big baby.  In my opinion, every claim of “Contempt” should be thrown out the way Trump is allowed to showboat and talk and say whatever he wants.

It’s sad.  And I think it’s a miscarriage of justice.  let’s talk about it. Post your comments!

I Am Enjoying These New Progressive Congress Folk

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road man people woman

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These new progressive Congress people are the folk I’ve been waiting for; my people!  And, we need more of them.  Sitting back, taking it all in was never the way in my opinion.  Lest we forget, at some point in history, Republicans and Democrats were pretty much interchangeable.

In my opinion, Progressives and so called Democratic Socialists have always had the voice of the people at heart.  I encourage voters to start looking into the politics of these two types of representatives. They seem to be smart, forthright and communicate very clearly about their positions and where they stand.

Frankly it’s disappointing to think that for the past 70 years, we have not gotten any further than we have in economic security, justice or equity in these United States.  We need progressive action that will spring us forward into a new economy and a new way of life.

Keeping black folk down and immigrants out is not the way. And not acknowledging the past is not the way either. Change is coming–and ignoring it is not going to stop anything.

We are in the 21st Century.  There is a lot of work to do and a lot of corrective actions need to be taken.  We, the voting people of America have to effect and affect that change–for the good of all.

This is an exciting time. Let’s make it happen.

Why Are We Acting Like the Confederate South Did Not Lose The Civil War?

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Image of black union soldiers from Bing

Image: Bing

The South lost the Civil War.  And we, in America damn well better start acting like they did. I am highly disappointed in the way the current Attorney General Merrick Garland is handling his duties and am wondering why so many people thought he would be such a great pick.  Yet, this article is not about him.

Let’s establish a few things.

  1. Many Blacks were here, and prospering prior to slavery.
  2. We fought in the Civil War against slavery, and won.
  3. The Fourteenth Amendment acknowledges our full citizenship.

And in my opinion, Blacks are not only citizens of the United States, but are also sovereign, and indigenous to this land!  You see it.  Everybody sees it.  And, we all know it’s true.

I think the problem with America is denial.

  • Denial of all things.
  • Denial of things that were done.
  • Denial of things that actually need to be done.
  • Denial of things desired to do.

And for the ‘greatest’ nation on earth, that is a sad commentary, and stifling… just like being in some parts of the south. The good news is, the remedy is so simple and easy.  The branches of government actually need to uphold the spirit of all laws.

The Legislative Branch needs to ensure laws are beneficial for all people.  The Judicial Branch needs to ensure that the laws are equally and equitably applied.  And, the Executive Branch needs to faithfully execute the duties of the Presidency and represent the nation well.

It’s not cute pretending that injustices don’t exist, nor letting inequities happen to black and brown people.  We need to make sure that when representatives are violating the offices and positions they hold, they can be removed swiftly, by the people through an established method of “Recall”.  It was a great surprise to me to find out that some states don’t even have a method of recalling those people sent to Washington to represent them. If the Constitution was written by and for the people, and we vote for the folks we send to Washington, D.C., then we should be able to call those people back, including Judges–Supreme or other.  If that capability is not addressed Constitution or any of its Amendments, then we need to fix it.

Lastly, as much as we, as Americans, like to travel to other places–we really need to get our immigration policies right.    Boom. That’s my rant for today.  Peace .  We outside.

Small Business Conference in Windsor, NC 22-24 May 2023

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image of Event flyer for small business conference

Image: Eventbrite.com

Event! Small Business Conference sponsored in part by Bertie Business Network, Inc.

I’ve seen this event posted in a couple of places and thought I’d share it here!

It looks like the event will happen at the Martin Community College Campus, 409 West Granville Street, #2123, in Windsor, NC beginning on May 22, 2023 and going through May 24, 2023.

It’s an opportunity for participants to network and meet with small business resource partners.  Some oof the others who are also part of the event are NC IDEA, NC Growth, Martin Community College and many others!  Click the link below to find out more!

Link: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/small-business-conference-tickets-570849114067?aff=ebdssbcitybrowse

If you happen to know more about the event or know of updates concerning the event, please leave comment in the comment section.  And, if you know of other news and information –reach out to let me know.

‘Microsoft Works’ Was Boss

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image from Wikipedia of a Microsoft Works program cd

Out of all the things other than the Windows phone Microsoft abandoned… Microsoft Works was THEEEEEEE freakin’ boss program.

You could do everything in one program.  MicroSoft Works was the ultimate in an on-the-go administrative support person’s tool.

And I believe if they would have continued with it’s development, it would have replaced all of the bullshit programs Microsoft now offers.  Whoever that team or person was who developed it, you were really on to something big.  Too bad you let it go. Smh… wow.

So, what old software do you like?  Let’s talk about it.