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Hello and welcome to my ‘Citizen Soldiers’ blog page on my site.  It used to be a small website of its own and I decided to incorporate it into my general blog.  Here you will find information and links that I hope will be helpful.  We’ll re-post and write content about jobs, events, laws, rules and regulation that would pertain to the military community and welcome comments from our readers.   And to those of you who are serving or have served–Thank you all, brothers and sisters.  Huah.  Note: Be sure to click on the tabs to check for updates!

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DHSpeller’s miNews Update Vol. 3

Bear Season in North Carolina.  Did you know that there were different specific times for hunting bear in North Carolina?  I think they are beautiful animals personally–but I thought it might be useful to provide information related to hunting seasons.  This link to the eRegulations; provides specific information for bears; however you can navigate the […]


Soldier For Life Link

Soldier For Life Site I wanted to create a list for Service Members to refer to in case they needed a starting point for trying to seek help.  To start off the list, I thought the Soldier For Life Retirement link found on the Army Mil site would be a great selection.  I visited it recently […]


VA Should Not Be Its Own Entity (Part 1)

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) should not be its own entity; especially the VA Claims.  It seems like it’s one big money laundering scheme for the private sector.   Full disclosure, I’m a Veteran and this is about me and other veterans who have gone through the system only to be denied by people who […]


There is something Wrong with How Government Deals with Veterans

And why are veterans disjointed from the military (for the most part) once they separate or retire?  The same energy should go into supporting Veterans directly by the military when they leave, as you had to get us to join.  Everybody sees the “big picture”.  So, you should lead by example. 


Why It’s Important to Vote

People sometimes think that their votes really don’t make a difference.  They see the “system” as being crooked and unfair.  The rich get richer–while the poor continue to suffer.

Though that seems to be the outcome a great percentage of the time; your vote DOES matter


Garden Center Veterans Appreciation

On February 18th, we will be hosting a Veteran’s Appreciation service at Hidden Valley Elementary School. The service will begin at 10:00 am.

We would like to invite all veterans and service members in the Hidden Valley Community to the appreciation service that day.  The Garden Center will


Military Veterans Resource Center, Columbus OH

…I was only planning to stop in for a minute to check out what the employment situation was in the local market and to perhaps hand out a few cards to local merchants.

It was absolutely a treasure find of information…

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