Medicare4All is Not Anything Other Than That…

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Medicare4All [Medicare for All] is just that, Medicare for all.  That is where we, as a people, need to be headed for.

It’s not the ‘Public Option’, or ‘Choice’ or any other fancy substitute.  And, the health care industry knows it too.   As a matter of fact, have you noticed how there are a lot of “benefits” that are all of a sudden being made available to you by some insurance companies at “no extra cost”.  And now there is something I heard called “Single Care”… What’s that all about?

In my opinion, the health care industry sees change coming and are trying to adjust to survive so that they can continue to make billions off of sick people.

There is no real substitute to be found in the private sector for Medicare4All because, in the private corporate sector, making a profit is job one.

Medicare4All is the solution for Read More

Why I Think Bernie Sanders Should Be President

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So, I’ve seen posts and opinion pieces others have written on all things political.  Now, it’s my turn.  I have simple, straight forward reasons why I think Senator Bernie Sanders should be President of the United States.  Some of them are listed below. Read More

I’m Still Trying to figure out how Bernie thinks he’s going to get a fair deal…

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I’ve been mulling it over in my mind; and I’m still wondering and trying to figure out how Bernie Sanders thinks he’s going to get a fair deal?

With politics such as it is, I understand (a little), why Senator Sanders (Bernie) feels the need to run as a candidate with one of the two established parties; but I really believe he’ll have the best opportunity to win; and get the most support by running as an Independent candidate.  Here’s why.

First, by not being tied to either party, he’ll be able to delineate himself as a candidate for all Americans. He’ll have an opportunity to get support for people who said they’d never vote for a Democrat again (and meant it), as well as progressives, independents and others just looking for some kind of  relief.

In my opinion I think it would be a win/win for Progressives and Democrats… and for people in general.  Democrats, could avoid taking a loss if he loses (which he won’t …because he polled last time as being able to defeat trump in 2016).  But, if he wins, Democrats will still have an ally in the White House.

The argument that he is too progressive makes little to no sense  because he had to manage a city as Mayor.  So he already knows how to work with Read More

New Site from the Bern: Sanders Institute

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I received a cool email today from Jane O. Sanders…[or some of her people] about an institute that they were starting up.  I checked it out… the Sanders Institute.  It looked like it had good …no great information.  So I decided to pass it on.  Enjoy!  Oh, and don’t forget to keep coming back to the my site for more interesting info!

I like Bernie, but I’m More on Team Jill Now

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When we first started out, Bernie was indeed the leader and starter of the political revolution.  And, hands down, he’s a great fighter for justice (when he directs his energy and focus).  Which is, for the life of me, why I can’t figure out his near obsession on bringing change through the Democratic Party.  It’s like he’s stuck and can’t break free.  As someone indicated before, If you need help breaking away Bernie, just blink three times– we got you. Otherwise Bruh, it’s a lost cause.  Democrats ain’t tryin’ to hear what you tryin’ to say.

I remember during the election (and probably even now), Jill Stein was willing to Read More