Hidden Valley Organization

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Update: 2022

The Hidden Valley Organization is a community nonprofit located in Charlotte, NC, serving the Hidden Valley community and surrounding areas!  We have partnered with a few other agencies and our new site is listed below!

Business/Organization:  Hidden Valley Organization

Address:  Charlotte, NC

Website:  HiddenValleyClt.com

Facebook:  Hiddenvalley.org/


About UsContact UsWhat We Do
We are here to serve the community with helpful news, information and events.  Visit our main page on Facebook at the address above!
Do you want to reach out?  You can contact us by leaving a message below, or Visit us on our Facebook page and send us a message.
We hope to get you involved and keep you informed by posting events and information that will hopefully help you learn, grow and become more involved with the community! We look forward to hearing from you 🙂

Ohio Festivals Starting Up in March 2017

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a crowd of people

Image: Crowd at Ohio Festival

Spring is starting up and in Ohio, so are the festivals.  I’ve been in Columbus for a few weeks now, and I must say it’s been a very nice experience catching up with my son, his wife and grands.  Yep, I’m a ‘pop-pop’… og style.  😉

So, with the warmer days showing up every now and then, I was wondering what things went on in the state during the spring.  As it turns out, Ohio has several ‘Avant-Garde’, trade and craft shows happening starting in March.

The link to the page that contains dates, locations, telephone numbers for a few of the festivals we found is: <Here>  Upcoming Ohio Festivals .

Some of the events listed are below:

March 18 -March 19, 2017 :

Rocky River Spring Avant-Garde Show.  Rocky River, OH – 21016 Hilliard Blvd.

Link: <http://festivalsandevents.com/festival.php?state=OH>

March 25, 2017:    

Columbus Spring Avant-Garde Show.  Hilliard, OH – 5462 Center St.

Link: <http://festivalsandevents.com/festival.php?state=OH>


March 25, 2017    

Columbus Spring Avant-Garde Show.  Hilliard, OH – 5462 Center St.

Link:  <http://festivalsandevents.com/festival.php?state=OH>


April 08, 2017    

Spring Craft & Vendor Show.  Mesopotamia, OH – 4300 Kinsman RD. NW

Link:  <http://festivalsandevents.com/festival.php?state=OH>


If you are in the area, it might be a great time to come out and enjoy while taking in some of the local arts and crafts.

South Carolina Owes North Carolina Land

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Images: Wikipedia

I saw this article in Pastemagazine.com titled, So Part of South Carolina’s About to Turn into North Carolina.   It was an interesting, and somewhat amusing article when I first read it.  I actually thought the article was a joke– until I read the background info.  Then I thought… are you kidding? [ Apparently not].  So now, according to the article, sum 660 square miles of land belong to North Carolina.

It’s amazing how something someone does or does not do affects an outcome so many years later.  I find it even more amazing that they had records of what went down in 1735.  1735 being the year.  It’s a short and interesting article. You should give it a read.  So Part of South Carolina’s About to Turn into North Carolina.

Washington DC to Raise Minimum Wage to $15 Hour

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Hmm… I guess this got missed because I didn’t see a lot about it. Washington DC is the next city to raise its minimum wage for workers to $15 an hour. I think Senator Sanders is on to something that the rest of the Democrats are slow to grasp… but then again He is an Independent… 😉 #GoBernie

Link to: Washington Post Article.

Politics: About that Clinton 2.4 Million Vote Lead…

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political oriented poster about elections 2016

Political Hot Take.  So Ok,  people try to make the point that Secretary Clinton is 2.whatever million votes ahead of Bernie…  I try to tell them that I think it’s only because in some cases, many Independents have not been able to vote in some of the primary locations… like New York.

I find it interesting that after ignoring the fact that Senator Sanders would have way more votes had the Independents been allowed to vote, the media, pundits and Hillary Supporters readily declare that “we’ll need the Bernie Supporters in the November General Election in order to win…”   Really?  Well, having said that, don’t you THINK they should be able to vote in the primaries too?  People aren’t as stupid as you suppose… You really need to rethink your position.  Independent voters aren’t ‘Democrats’ …just so you know.  And you can’t just make them fall in line or go away.  So, at this point, we’ll do what we do…. because I too, am an Independent …and you continue to do what you do.

But I will say, since she has the 2.whatever million vote lead– she should do fine. 🙂 Good luck with that.  It’s time for me to start my summer chill session.  So stop sending me your Democratic literature and emails, stop calling my number and we’ll take a look at you in November to see how it’s going. …Cheers!