So, Let’s Talk a Bit More About Nancy P.

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Image of House floor with call out message "Pelosi Do Better"

As far as I’m concerned, Nancy Pelosi is still not doing her job.  Furthermore, her inaction is emboldening potusTheGrabber and all of his would be co-conspirators.

Why does she want to be Speaker of the House, if she doesn’t want to do Speaker of the House things?  Impeachment does not have to have ‘proof’ of a crime to be legitimately warranted.  I think it’s past time that she gave up the gavel to a more capable leader who carry out the task.

She’s going to lose the house again with Read More

I Am Progressive: There are more than just Republicans and Democrats in America

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image of I am Progressive I’m A Progressive.  Regarding politics, I’m tired of hearing and watching shows that refer to “Americans” as either being Republican or Democrat.   Update your lexicon.  Stop being lazy and add a few more parties to your political list.  Splurge a little in your reporting and include others.

I don’t care how you do it–be creative.  Just make sure it gets done. Personally, I consider myself as a progressive Independent.  I have opinions on certain issues that don’t fit either party, but I vote for representatives who listen and are sensitive to my issues.  And frankly, there are a lot of folks in office right now, that I’m looking to vote out and see gone.  There are others like me.

There are many Americans who don’t identify with either the Republican or Democratic party and should be included in political conversation.  You might not recognize and identify them now, but you know they are there.  They are the ones that keep effing up your polls and leaving you in disbelief and wonderment.  They are the ones who are calling up legislators and showing up at rallies ‘unexpectedly’.  They really don’t care about platforms or donors, but they do care about how they are treated, and what politicians are doing to serve themselves instead of the people.

They come in all colors and genders and becoming more and more willing to express themselves.  So my word to reporters and commentators is that if you want your voice to remain relevant and your credibility to stay intact, then tell the whole story and not just the one you wish were true.  The people will be heard.  (I feel much better now.)

Ensuring the Right to Vote …Every Time

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So, what if you’re not a Republican or a Democrat?  But, you are still an American right?  That means we should have the right to vote in every election.  I’m okay with the Republicans and Democrats putting up their own candidate, but WE THE PEOPLE should say yay or nay on them from the jump; damn waiting until all the other options are gone.  If we vote for them in the General, they should be fair game in the primaries.

This is where I believe major efforts should be a focus right now!  Don’t wait until 2018 or 2020,  work on that now!  Neither party should have any advantage over the American people.  That whole process should be open.  Put all the candidates on stage, let them be heard; then let the people vote.  If we can do it  to vote people off the tv talent shows, we can do it for the preliminary rounds of candidates.  Then when the field narrows, we vote to see who’ll be the Top 4 candidates and on to the General election..  Or something like that …lol.  In any case let’s get it together.   Your comments please. 🙂

I thought the message was “jobs! Jobs!! JOBS!!!”?

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Economy Focus:: JOBs!!!

Question: If the ‘message sent by the public to Washington, DC was “jobs!, Jobs!, JOBS!”; then where are all these sidebar issues coming from?

And, If the Republicans are trying to link ‘tax cuts’ to job creation and the economy; then why was dealing with healthcare and the delivery system was not an important exercise in dealing with America’s debt? 

According to Mr. Warren Buffett, in a Reuter’s story about Buffett: Health Care tapeworm drags on economy; health care costs suck up 17% of our GDP (Gross Domestic Product).  THIS SLOWS GROWTH of the economy!!!

On the other hand, Tax Cuts, especially for the rich, does nothing but add to the debt– and does not guarantee any job creation.  Read More