Don’t Take the Money Bernie!

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Bernie should not take Bloomberg’s money!  He has a strong support of the people.  And simply put, if Bernie takes the money, and loses, then his principles are gone, and the fight would have been for naught.  If Bloomberg wants to spend his money to help Democrats win, he can run commercials with the same energy—minus himself.

This is the lesson the rest Read More

Democratic Elected Officials and the @DNC are Constantly Saying What They CANNOT Do, MOVE!! Get Out The Way.

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Democratic Elected Officials and the @DNC are constantly saying what they can not do. Then, MOVE!!!!!!!! get out the way.

Epilogue:  I think it’s way past the time for the actual truth to come out about our great country and its policies.  I love America, I served in its Armed Forces,  I vote.  Therefore, I think Read More

I Was Told to Do Better and Expound Upon My Tweets, So Here We Are…

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“Do Better”, they said. 🤨 The other day, I asked someone to read content I had written or tweeted to see if it relayed the idea and voice I intended. Immediately I knew I had to do better and expound upon my tweets and write more often.  For anyone sharing their thoughts with others for critical input, you might experience the same nervous cringe I experienced as Read More

Site Updates 15 March 2018:

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image of a personal quote: "More than not, change is good...but sometimes the more you change, the more things are the same" :)

Site Updates for March 15, 2018.  It’s a new year …(wooo-hooo)… and we are well into it… just thought I’d write a quick update post to let everyone who’s following us know that I’m slowly moving in the direction of moving more of my overall efforts here to the website. So, yes.  I’m going full circle and giving it another try to put Facebook posts, Twitter and all other platform posts here.  All other peripherals will primarily be used as tentacles to bring views back to visit me here ?

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