I don’t think trickle-down economics work either

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Image: Robert Reich/Facebook

In my opinion, the same money congress … (the Republican led congress), put into the tax cuts for the rich could have been made available to average Americans.  I agree with Robert Reich’s video he posted on Facebook.  The money could have been put back into building our nation’s infrastructure, paying for education programs/tuition, and even made available to people who want to start new businesses.  Recycling money back to the same corporations and billionaires–some who already said they don’t need it, does nothing but make a bad situation worse.  (Click Here to see post, if still available)

Report on Progress made

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I was sent this link in an email from BarackObama.com.  It is kind of a recap of all the efforts made since President Obama has taken office.


Check this information against all the other information that’s out there.  Besides listening to the various media outlets, going to actual government sites to check the data and statistics is also a good thing.  I believe we have to be more aware of all the information to actually get the real picture.  I encourage you to get active BeFore the next election so that you won’t be caught up in the hype.

Yeah, it is fun with the debating and campaigning, but FACTs really need to be a part of your decision making process as well.

I thought the message was “jobs! Jobs!! JOBS!!!”?

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Economy Focus:: JOBs!!!

Question: If the ‘message sent by the public to Washington, DC was “jobs!, Jobs!, JOBS!”; then where are all these sidebar issues coming from?

And, If the Republicans are trying to link ‘tax cuts’ to job creation and the economy; then why was dealing with healthcare and the delivery system was not an important exercise in dealing with America’s debt? 

According to Mr. Warren Buffett, in a Reuter’s story about Buffett: Health Care tapeworm drags on economy; health care costs suck up 17% of our GDP (Gross Domestic Product).  THIS SLOWS GROWTH of the economy!!!

On the other hand, Tax Cuts, especially for the rich, does nothing but add to the debt– and does not guarantee any job creation.  Read More

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