Let’s Not forget where we are right now. We’ll need to remember it to plan ahead

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We’ll need to remember it to plan ahead, let’s not forget where we are right now.   We have to remember everything that the Republicans are doing because there is a good chance that Democrats and Progressives will be taking over a portion of the Government in November.  And, any fallout from the things Republicans are wrecking right now will surely be blamed on  the Democrats and Progressives.  For instance, the Trump proposed tariffs are already affecting the economy negatively.  The fights potusthegrabber has started with our allies still need to be accounted for; and any future negative reflections from the travel ban the Supreme Court so graciously upheld will no doubt cause problems with the rest of the world.

So do not give conservatives cover and solace just because there is a possibility of governmental change.  They are still responsible for their own legislative failures and actions.  Just like they were responsible for the economic collapse prior to the Obama years.  Don’t let them shift the blame and make it clear that we know they cannot govern– nor be trusted with power–at least for the near, foreseeable future.

New Site from the Bern: Sanders Institute

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I received a cool email today from Jane O. Sanders…[or some of her people] about an institute that they were starting up.  I checked it out… the Sanders Institute.  It looked like it had good …no great information.  So I decided to pass it on.  Enjoy!  Oh, and don’t forget to keep coming back to the my site for more interesting info!

Dry Your Tears and Stop Your Frowning

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My thoughts.

There have been many sad faces and a lot of crying following this year’s election(s) in both the Republican and Democratic parties along with …the main stream media.  And, they still haven’t learned a damn thing.  Some Republicans like, Governor Pat McCrory, are sad and apparently surprised that they lost …and some Hillary Clinton supporters along, with my beloved Bernie2 –aka Dr. Jill Stein, are wanting recounts in certain states in hopes that results will turn out differently.  Really?  To what end?  All the concern about Donald Trump not accepting the results now fall upon you.   I say: dry your tears and stop your frowning….along with all your bitching and moaning.

At this point, it’s time to start making moves and getting ready for all upcoming elections.  Research Read More