Why Haven’t We Been Back to The Moon?

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image of astronaut on the moon

Image: NASA photo

A moon question popped into my head while preparing to write another travel article for a client. I got side-tracked and wandered off down a proverbial rabbit hole.  So yes, now, I too want to know why we haven’t been back to the moon.

To be honest, some of the official answers seemed a lot lamer than those thought of as “conspiracy”  theories.   Just to dismiss that we haven’t been back to the moon, which is said to be only 3 days away, because it is too expensive  is weak.  Also, I read that the rocket boosting power doesn’t exist anymore… really?  And then, my favorite, that we just don’t want to go back to just “pick up a couple of rocks” — but there has to be a greater reason and  to prepare to stay out there for long periods of time is not feasible, therefore  we’re just not going back yet, (taking a breath from the run on sentence I just typed) …. is also unacceptable.

Actually I would like to see someone go back to pick up a couple of rocks and maybe some dirt to prove how easy it would be.  I would like to see if our flag “was still there”.  It would be a welcomed changed from the fiascoes we got going on down here, on this earth right now.

And, who was taking the pictures of the people on the moon as they went about skipping around, planting flags and what not, other astronauts or did they take a whole filming crew with them?  I’m just saying, the pictures were always on point.  With the drones, and bots, and updated equipment and gear–that trip to the moon should be easy-peasy.

The other thing I read from a site called  UFOInsight.com… yep, I went there was also very interesting tho’.  It said that we haven’t been back because of other reasons.  Either way, it’s just strange to me that since the early 70’s, we ain’t been in no hurry to get back.  It’s like the answer is always, ‘Yep…we’ll get back there one day.’  lol.  Anyway, for your weekend pleasure and enjoyment, I put links to a few of the articles I read below.  That UFO one though, I listed that at the end to save the best for last. 😉  …don’t forget to ‘look up’.

Welp, time to get back to work.