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ANNOUNCEMENT: Once upon a time, years ago, I blogged for a travel site called MilitaryTravel.  It was a site that offered travel deals to the military community; and I enjoyed writing for them a lot.  Coming soon, I’ll start doing that on

It’ll be information on a mixture of places I’ve read about, travelled to or will travel to in the future.  At the beginning of the year, I should have access so that I can assist with booking some of the places you’ll see.  The stories can be found under the category of Travel, and the hashtag #travelinfo.  See you there soon!

Yet Another CEO Wants to Get Rid of Remote Work

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Fortune Article image of Citadel CEO

Image: Fortune Mag Article Citadel CEO

I’ve seen another article about a CEO who wants to get rid of remote work in the online version of Fortune recently.  It discussed how Citadel founder, Ken Griffins says “employers won’t go the ‘extra distance’ to keep hybrid workers…

Why not?  In my opinion, CEOs of that ilk were certainly eager to have employees work from home during the pandemic.  Do they not plan for future events? Or, think that another event like the pandemic might happen again?  For me, it shows the short-sightedness and greed of some corporations and their leaders.

Why not take the opportunity to manage the business model into something more equitable for both employers and employees?  Honestly, I have never heard so many CEOs bitch about workers who actually make them money.

Yes, I do realize everyone cannot work from home; and there may be times for face-to-face meetings.  We that.  But it seems to me that since the government pre-bailed out a lot of companies and industries during the pandemic, they should have put that money in to R&D, and their employees instead of using it for company stock by-backs.

I’m not sure what the aforementioned Citadel founder did, but generally speaking—a lot of the funding the government made available for businesses was not used for the purposes intended.

I applaud the efforts of unions to organize people.  And for those who don’t want to unionize or don’t want to be a part of a union (even though you have more than likely benefitted from them greatly), these are a few other things to consider.

  • Push for legislation that gets rid of non-disclosure agreements or that works against you sharing in the profits of your creativity while working at a company. If you’ve helped create a new procedure or made work more efficiently at your organization—you should be recognized for it.
  • Vote for congress people who have your best interests at heart. Corporations have lawyers and lobbyists to work on their behalf.  Elected officials should be fair, but they should primarily represent all the people they serve in their districts.

I hope workers will take it a step further and realize that they have self-worth… even after some guy says “goodbye” or won’t go the “extra distance” to keep you as an employee.  Every job you’ve held added in some way to your skill set. Find ways of collaborating with others who may have been laid off and see what opportunities you all can create for yourselves as a cooperative or other synergetic type organization.

So, now let me say what I think or see happening in 2024—since people are expressing opinions (which I like to do). Lol…

I see workers continue to make decisions favorable to their work/life balance, especially the younger ones.  I also see them holding the leaders in the companies they work for accountable for the decisions they make.  I also see consumers doing the same.  Generally, people don’t like walking into a store to purchase something only to find out they have to work for free in checking themselves out and not get some type of worker’s discount.  On occasion, sure—If I’m in a hurry I’ll run over to scan a pack of gum or drink and be on my way.  But If I have to either wait in a long line because you only have two registers open or have to both wait in a long line and check myself out, you can keep what you got.  I’ll figure something else out.

No, I don’t speak for everyone—but I’m not the only one either.  And yes, this articles was another long way of saying—Do Better.


Fortune Article by: Eleanor Pringle


And this is how you say you “took your workers to Disney Land“… probably after you realized you boo-booed, and surmised you were doing too much… <Read>

Citadel CEO KenGriffin in interview

MiNews Update Vol. 2

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Image for the Lantern miNews Updates

Israel and Hamas.  Rather than to seek peace option, Israel has chosen to go forward with their plan to fire upon Gaza in an effort to “drive out Hamas”.  Many, including some Israeli citizens have demonstrated and called for a cease-fire to work on a solution.  The latest skirmish is from an attack Hamas made on Israel.  However, it should be noted that for than 50 years the Palestinians in total have been under a heavy occupation by Israel–with Israel making unrecognized settlements in lands considered to belong to the Palestinians.  In my opinion, it is a total mess over there.  I pray and hope for a peaceful solution.

Dr. Cornel West for President.  Dr. Cornel West is still running for President.  Although the news isn’t covering it much, Dr. Cornel West is still in the race for President of the United States. There have been a few changes in his campaign, but he is still in the race.  He initially started out as a candidate for the People’s Party, then switched to the Green Party. He now runs as an Independent and states that he will continue in the race until election day.  The Wiki information on Dr. West has a good summary, but If you’d like to read more about Dr. West and  his political platform, visit his site at: .

Bertie Business Network (BBN) in the news.  There was an interesting article in the DailyAdvance Online about broadband featuring Nicole Outlaw, the BBN’s Founder.  It is noted that Fybe (which used to be called Roanoke Connect) has don’t a lot of broadband upgrades in the area and Nicole talks about the great possibilities of it for businesses in the area.  You can find the article at this link: Broadband: Digital at the Doorstep by John Foley, Staff Writer.

Medicare Annual Enrollment Period.  Okay, by now I know everybody has heard that this is the Medicare Annual Enrollment Period.  It goes from October 15 – December 7, 2023.  The official Medicare site is:  There are a lot of commercials and people who will be calling you on your house and cell phone.  I caution you that should not be giving out your information to everyone calling on your phone.  The safest thing to do is to make the call to your provider and visit the office site so that you can get the best information.


Well, that is it for this update!  For more news and information, be sure to visit The Lantern page on our site!  Blessings!

Job Seekers Beware!

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Job seekers, beware of people trying to gather information concerning you! Mostly, nowadays, I work as an independent blogger, writer, consultant–what have you.  But I still apply for jobs from time to time. And it seems like some of the job listings are nothing more than information gathering schemes

I get that employers want to know a little bit about you; but if you are uploading a resume–or filling out a sampler profile sheet (and you shouldn’t have to do both) then that should be enough!

In my opinion, asking for the place of birth, birth date and the like, is a bit intrusive.  That information has nothing to do with your ability to do the work requested.  Also, if you are sent to a page where there are “ads” amongst the application questions— is a bad sign that it might not be a real job.

Finally, I personally question companies that want you to send in a free sample of your writings or work.  If they can’t follow the link you’ve provided to your portfolio or website to see your work (so that you can at least get a site visit click for your time); –then you have to answer the question if those are people you really want to work for.

If you believe that you are being scammed, most job boards and job sites have a way to report that job so that it can be removed.  Hopefully they have something in place to catch most of the bad listings– but they might not be able to get them all. Happy Hunting!

I Am Learning How To Blog with WordPress and Jetpack Apps😳

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This post is somewhat of a training and review post about the WordPress and JetPack apps.

So, there was a storm brewing outside (while I’m praying that it goes away), and while waiting for it to pass over, I thought I’d just try different tools to create content. 

My desire is to travel–soon.  And, travel a lot.  I am curious about which tools I can use to keep content going.  As they say, if you stay ready, you won’t have to get ready.

This post was done using my bluetooth keyboard and my Samsung tablet using the WordPress Android app.  So far, it hasn’t skipped a beat.  Although, my fingers keep reaching for the finger pad and mouse, lol, but other than that, we rolling.

Switch up. I actually just switched from the “WordPress” app to the “JetPack” app– mid article. Apparently, Jetpack is taking over the responsibilities that the WordPress app was doing and so, Jetpack it is. It was actually a smooth transition too. I basically downloaded the Jetpack app; it noticed that I had WordPress and asked / informed me that it located my sites and was going to transfer over my settings; then recommended that I delete the WordPress app. Smooth. It was a fabulous handoff. Shoutout to WordPress.

Many of you may already be using apps to do work, because many apps are very robust; however, for those of you who are not–this may be an excellent time to start training. It will free you up.

For this post, I used:

  • my Samsung tablet
  • a mini bluetooth keyboard
  • the JetPack / WordPress app(s)
  • and the internet


  • You may have to save often. I had written a large portion of this article before realizing that it wasn’t saving on line. When I did saive, it took a while.
  • For some reason, it get’s glitchy. So it’s not totally a replacement of the laptop, but it could save you in a pinch.
  • It’s pissing me off at this point, so I’m ending the article. LOL!… see ya’ll the next time.


Switch back. Note: I probably could have written this on my phone as well, but I was testing the laptop mimic with the keyboard and tablet. It passed….but…. it’s not getting an “A”–at all.


And also …after further review, I decided to just log in from the browser. The lag is worse, but I have full access to the site. So I guess if you are in a hurry, this is not the way.