Stop Trying to Save Republicans: Let Them Do Their Deed…and be gone

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It’s interesting to me that people are always trying to save Republicans from themselves.  I say let them do their deeds and soon afterward recall, impeach or vote them out.  Enough time has been wasted arguing with them and debating policies that have yielded nothing but debt for the American people.  Minimum wage, health care, the environment are all issues that everyone should be able to come to some kind of agreement on.

What I’d like to see is someone push legislation that requires officials to live and operate under the same conditions that their least constituents live under.  Some like to Read More

Dry Your Tears and Stop Your Frowning

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My thoughts.

There have been many sad faces and a lot of crying following this year’s election(s) in both the Republican and Democratic parties along with …the main stream media.  And, they still haven’t learned a damn thing.  Some Republicans like, Governor Pat McCrory, are sad and apparently surprised that they lost …and some Hillary Clinton supporters along, with my beloved Bernie2 –aka Dr. Jill Stein, are wanting recounts in certain states in hopes that results will turn out differently.  Really?  To what end?  All the concern about Donald Trump not accepting the results now fall upon you.   I say: dry your tears and stop your frowning….along with all your bitching and moaning.

At this point, it’s time to start making moves and getting ready for all upcoming elections.  Research Read More