The Green Party Platform is Still There; and They are Still on Mission

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The main elections are over… still got that runoff in Georgia though…  Go Warnock!  I wanted to see what progressives were still out there on mission and on point since the excitement has calmed and the fog has cleared.

To my contentment, many were still out there.  Talking, blogging, writing, and informing people about issues and important topics that need to be addressed.  And there they were, The Green Party Folks, unbothered about election turnouts and; still Read More

The Green Party Push

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Image: Jill Stein – Green Party Event

So, tinkering around with the Green Party last voting cycle has caused me to favor them as the vehicle for progress.  Not so much that they hit every point or cause that I favor in particular; but because they are open to hearing solutions and are willing to join the cause in voicing those solutions.  At this juncture in our political discourse, this is what I believe we need.

We need an organization/vehicle that can intake people where they are, listen, figure out what the common points are that can help move everybody along–while at the same time allow individual differences without being dismissive.   I think the Green Party is just that kind of an organization.  Yes, they are still trying to get things together.  Yes, watching some of the meetings makes me feel a little uncomfortable because they are not always as ‘professional’ as I like; but they are genuine.   And Dr. Jill Stein, in my opinion, is a savvy leader.

If you are an Independent or a Progressive, I say, really look at the Green Party as your party of choice  to give voice to your concerns.  As you do, you’ll find that the people in the other party will gradually start coming over to your party… ’cause everybody likes a ‘good party’.  I just hope they remain open to Independents who will vote with them but not necessarily actually join the party.  I like where I am… and my goal is to have open voting, in one way or the other, for everybody.  And Bernie, you and Keith are always welcomed.



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