America Spends a lot on “Health Care”… but doesn’t really have any

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It’s amazing to me how much money the U.S. supposedly spends on #HealthCare, but doesn’t have a good system to support it’s citizens.  Another solid effect of #cronyCapitalism.

If we are going to spend money on health care, it should not go to bailing out insurance companies.  It should go directly to the people, so they can work directly with doctors.  And, if a ‘system’ of payment is needed, it should be similar to, if not actually, #MedicareForAll.  The money can come out just like Social Security, FICA, and anything else they take taxes out for.  Time to get serious about what we are doing. Stop electing crooks.  #VoteProgressive.

Medicare4All is Not Anything Other Than That…

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Medicare4All [Medicare for All] is just that, Medicare for all.  That is where we, as a people, need to be headed for.

It’s not the ‘Public Option’, or ‘Choice’ or any other fancy substitute.  And, the health care industry knows it too.   As a matter of fact, have you noticed how there are a lot of “benefits” that are all of a sudden being made available to you by some insurance companies at “no extra cost”.  And now there is something I heard called “Single Care”… What’s that all about?

In my opinion, the health care industry sees change coming and are trying to adjust to survive so that they can continue to make billions off of sick people.

There is no real substitute to be found in the private sector for Medicare4All because, in the private corporate sector, making a profit is job one.

Medicare4All is the solution for Read More

Stop Trying to Save Republicans: Let Them Do Their Deed…and be gone

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It’s interesting to me that people are always trying to save Republicans from themselves.  I say let them do their deeds and soon afterward recall, impeach or vote them out.  Enough time has been wasted arguing with them and debating policies that have yielded nothing but debt for the American people.  Minimum wage, health care, the environment are all issues that everyone should be able to come to some kind of agreement on.

What I’d like to see is someone push legislation that requires officials to live and operate under the same conditions that their least constituents live under.  Some like to Read More