Do You Think It Matters When You Eat Fruit?

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Spring time is coming.  Time to start shedding those winter pounds. ūüėŹ  If you’ve started adding more fruit to your diet and meals, you might have the same question I had.  Do you eat the fruit before, during, or after the meal?

I’ve heard a variety of things on the topic so, I put the question to Google.  (You can see  the link search below.)  Honestly, I think I agree more with my sister on this when she says she doesn’t think it matters.  But, there is a part of me that still thinks it depends Read More

Let’s Talk About Salt

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The other day, I was sitting at the table and was trying to decide which salt to use;¬† Table Salt or Sea Salt.¬† My inner self quietly asked, “why do you need to add extra salt at all?”¬† And I replied:¬† Because I want it!! I love that taste and flavor! ¬†¬†So, I reached over and added a “little” of each. ūüė≥¬† Yep, I did that.¬† Now, I’m writing about why–amongst other things.

I usually reach for the salt shaker because of habit.¬† In my younger years, when I exercised a lot, or did a lot of manual work, it wasn’t an issue because I got a chance to sweat a lot.¬† Which, I think that might be the case for many people.¬† But now, I have a need to create a new habit.¬† Paying more attention to what and how I eat.

I’ve actually been moving in that direction for quite a while ‚Ķsince my days in the military.¬† But, Read More

Jasmine Tea Leaves aren’t that bad…

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I went on a little exploring adventure today.¬† As you know, I started exercising‚Ķagain.¬† I actually ran for the first time –in a l-o-n-g time.¬† I felt like I was back in the military‚Ķalmost. ¬†ANYway…, that got me motivated and wanting to do a little more concerning my health.¬† I knew green tea was supposed to be good for you, but I didn’t know much about Jasmine Tea, or Read More

Have You Guys Ever Heard of ‘YogaBurn’?

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Ok, so I’m trying something new. ¬†Along with my desire to start posting more original info on my site, I thought I would couple it with ¬†affiliate info. ¬†This one is called “YogoBurn” … so, if you decide to order or use it, use my links!


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The name even sounds cool to me….like you can do yoga and lose weight at the same time. ¬† I think you are going to like this one. ¬†Flexibility is awesome. ūüėČ

The Red Delicious is My Friend

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Simply put, I like Red Delicious Apples because they make me feel good.  I usually eat apples on and off throughout the year.  But, in particular around this time of year …and spring time I usually like to eat them because they help open my clogged nasal passages and sniffles.

I‚Äôve often felt that there were a lot of health benefits to eating apples and believed that there was some truth to the axiom ‚ÄúAn apple a day keeps the doctors away‚ÄĚ.¬† So, I stopped being lazy and decided to actually do a little research.

On the Read More