Did You know it was National Rural Health Day? I’m still wondering if Government Agencies even talk to each other

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I got an email today saying that HHS.gov (Health & Human Services) is “Celebrating National Rural Health Day”.  First this is not a dig directly on the fine folks that serve our citizens in the health care profession.  It’s an overall look at the bureaucracy.

I think it was kind of an interesting article, but then, it got me wondering, why do they keep studying the same issues, and getting other people to study the issue–instead of putting the majority of money into problem solving?

You Have the HHS, VA, CHAMPUS, and other organizations all doing something in the healthcare industry.  Do they even talk to each other?  Why is there Read More

Medicare-for-All Is the Healthcare Answer and Access People Avoid Talking About…Until Now

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I grabbed the link to this twitter post because it’s an interesting video.  To me, it demonstrated that even when people tried to have opposition to Medicare-For-All, it still turned out to be the best answer to solve many of the healthcare issues we have.

For sure, there is no ‘one answer that fixes everything’.  But, we have to start choosing a direction of best possibilities and Read More

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