The Red Delicious is My Friend

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Simply put, I like Red Delicious Apples because they make me feel good.  I usually eat apples on and off throughout the year.  But, in particular around this time of year …and spring time I usually like to eat them because they help open my clogged nasal passages and sniffles.

I’ve often felt that there were a lot of health benefits to eating apples and believed that there was some truth to the axiom “An apple a day keeps the doctors away”.  So, I stopped being lazy and decided to actually do a little research.

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When can you put a hot turkey in the fridge?

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I like turkey all year.  This bird was cooked not too long ago.  After it came out the oven and while it was still piping hot, I thought, “well, …not gonna eat all of that right now…”; and I begin wondering how long I had to wait before putting it in the refrigerator.  Some people say and believe that you can’t put hot food into Read More