Who Are Your People?

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I found this video while tooling around on the internet, researching a writing project.  One thing led to another and … well, here we are.  It’s time for you– no, us to Rethink our Heritage… I know some people are quick to connect with a lineage they’ve researched back to the mother land Africa.   Which is cool;  but, what about right here in the good ol’ U.S. of A.?  Have you taken a close look at your Native American heritage?  For us to really know ourselves, we should really take a closer look into our whole heritage.  It can really be fascinating.

My mom, grandmother/ great-grandmother are all part Native American.  My mom had told us the history years ago, but for some reason, it never really registered with me.  I think that Read More

Repost: A Revisit of the I Have a Dream Speech

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I originally posted this in 2011… Updated today.  Links to the speech below.


I was researching on line and saw this information on Black Planet’s ‘NewsOne’ site.  It’s a video of Dr. King’s “I Have a Dream” Speech.  I think 2011 is the perfect time for us to focus on our history more.  Remember:  It’s good to know where you’ve been to fully appreciate where you are and where you are going.

Take a look [it’s an older link –slow connection to site…sorry] : http://newsone.com/nation/newsonestaff4/martin-luther-king-revisiting-the-i-have-a-dream-speech/


Our History

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Hello Everyone, I thought this would be a cool category to have short articles and links about History… American, Native American, African-American… and on and on and on!!!

In honor of another site I was hosting, my First links are about African American History:  Read More

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