History, Culture, Life. Now is the Time for Change.

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I was sitting and thinking today that if there were a time for black people to  learn about history, culture and life, now would be that time.  With modern technology, so much is available at your fingertips.

Even if people are trying to lie and keep the truth from you, you can find it.  Even if mama and ’em never said another word about the past, so much truth is crying out from everywhere that it is undeniable. Now, is a wonderful time of opportunity and discovery.

Of course you can’t believe every single thing you read on the internet; and things have to be researched and verified, but just simply being exposed to so much knowledge and information is  simply amazing.

In many of our conversations, I think we get side tracked and focus on the wrong things.  Even when distractions are plentiful when in the effort of some trying to hide the truth–knowledge is still there. Right in front of our faces.

For instance, even though some conservatives like the Florida Governor, don’t want you to learn about the civil rights activities  of circa 1954, if we just do the math– that was only 69 years ago.

The Truth is many, many people are alive who are 69 years old… and much older. So the question is, did they take part in the discrimination against black folk, or were they allies?

And what are they thinking now?  Lots of smiling in your face, but little done to improve economic, political and judicial injustices.

Many of our politicians are from that era.  Is the culture and tradition from that time affecting and effecting their decisions being made today? This is why it is imperative for us to get out and vote.  Find the most progressive, forward thinking person you can and put them in office.

And how about the police officers and judges?  Surely we need to make changes to that system. Many laws on the books were inadvertently, and I believe some deliberately, made with malice toward blacks and people of color.  All of that needs be changed. Correction.  Must be changed.

Now is the time to do it.  I don’t have all the answers, but I do know that tinkering around the edges hasn’t gotten us far–and it seems like lately, we’ve been losing ground.

Everything is in place.  It’s time for a big push.  Let’s make positive changes to make this a better nation for everyone.

If you have a platform, use it to discuss issues and bring attention to things that really matter.  Often on social media platform, accounts get deleted, and algorithms dilute voices.  So every voice can play a part or role.  If you’d like to contribute content or show support, reach out and let’s talk.  It’s time for positive change!

Our History

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Library of Congress ImageHello Everyone, I thought this would be a cool category to have short articles and links about History… American, Native American, African-American… and on and on and on!!!

In honor of another site I was hosting, my First links are about African American History:
1.  Black Facts:  www.blackfacts.com

Though this site has short blurbs about history facts, I encourage you to use them as starting points and use other internet searching tools to research the facts further.

2.  Black Collegian:  www.black-collegian.com

This site has a job search and other tools for college students.

3.  Slave Narratives:

The narratives are interesting reads.  There was another site that I had on a previous website.  I liked the design because it was straight forward and simple.

Unfortunately, I’ve lost track of that site.  The ones I have listed below are still interesting reads.  I will keep searching for the original site and post it if I find it, but in the mean time, enjoy what’s listed below.

#1: Library of Congress Collection: Born In Slavery

#2: http://docsouth.unc.edu/neh/ [North American Slave Narratives]

4.  Networking:


These are just a few links listed.  Some social media sites like Tumblr, TikTok, Twitter, will allow you to create a hashtag with the word #black… in it to identify posts that are from black content creators.  That way you can network with others that way too.

Hope this was useful!