So, Let’s Talk a Bit More About Nancy P.

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Image of House floor with call out message "Pelosi Do Better"

As far as I’m concerned, Nancy Pelosi is still not doing her job.  Furthermore, her inaction is emboldening potusTheGrabber and all of his would be co-conspirators.

Why does she want to be Speaker of the House, if she doesn’t want to do Speaker of the House things?  Impeachment does not have to have ‘proof’ of a crime to be legitimately warranted.  I think it’s past time that she gave up the gavel to a more capable leader who carry out the task.

She’s going to lose the house again with Read More

Can we just impeach potusTheGrabber for Job Incompetence?

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Message over image "Can we just impeach potusTheGrabber for Job Incompetence?"

What is the big problem for just impeaching Trump for incompetence?  That was the whole premise behind his tv show, The Apprentice, right?  So, why not tell that bum, ‘you’re fired‘?

The economy, allied country relations, inner citizenry relations, and even violation of Constitutional norms are all indicators that this guy is indeed a loser and incompetent leader.  What more do we need?  The Mueller Report is probably good for insight– once we get to see it, but by no means necessary to impeach for incompetence.

You cannot tell me that being inept as President of the United States is not grounds for impeachment… regardless of being considered a high crime or misdemeanor.  The state of the union has been in jeopardy and it’s time for the Democrats to stop screwing and do the job they were put in office to do.  No more dragging your feet, trying to play a clever Obama game.  We’ve had 8 years of that.  Now is the time for Democrats to earn their money as political leaders.  Agree?  Or Disagree?  Let’s talk about it.