Question: What do you think about Our Justice System?

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I’ve got a great article coming out about thoughts on crime, our justice system, and what could be done to improve it.  But, you can start posting your comments on the site or Facebook to add to the conversation.

Plight of Davontae Sanford

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After seeing this story on, it is my opinion that some people should not be in law enforcement nor the judicial system.  For a 14-year-old boy’s case to not be gone over and over and over and over again—before putting him in jail is really effed up.   Why were police interrogating a kid, let alone anybody else, without legal representation?  And what are those interrogators doing now?  Are they still working?  Do they still have a job?  I certainly hope not.   Lastly, what was the judge thinking?   Stories like this really, really, –really irritate me.  Davontae Sanford to be freed.

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